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I had to re-blog as not only does this apply to our industry........but for me it has been personal for the past five years even with my parents, who are my heart & soul, who have had as their retirement goal to move.  The move may happen this year, but Lee was definitely sensitive when he posted...
I couldn't help but re-blog this post.  I know that people don't always understand why someone looking would open the refrigerator, but it starts by making sure things are actually "working", but once in there of course it is just like all the rest of the house when it comes to smells, clutter, b...
Kathleen Daniels wrote a wonderful post & recap of her feelings of a reminder taking her back to her true self.  I know how she felt, as I too felt this way when I read the series.  It is hard to count how many "yes" moments I found while reading.  Jeanean Gendron featured this very worthy blog, ...
Jeanean is at the very top of the wonderful hearts here on the "Rain".  This is a prayer request for Jeanean & Doris.  We go about so busy with life, our own families, businesses, & responsibilities & then are not always aware of what our own friends & important people are going through in their ...
What a wonderful way to save our Local businesses & "Pay It Forward"....  Social Media does have a powerful impact.  I mentioned about the power of the "tweet" where a son put $1000 up to sponsor a promotion to save his Mom's business.  He would buy everyone that spent $20 a hot dog...which cost ...
I am in shock…..my poor parents……I guess a HUGE number of “Retirees” on “fixed” incomes are feeling the same way, as "many" retirees come to Florida to enjoy the next phase of their life.... ..........of course there are full time residents that have been here their 'whole' life, & retired to sta...
This week has brought many things around, of which one was structuring things a bit more proficiently and economically. In that re-structuring, I have been considering all areas of expenditures, one of which I will go into with this post. It was my car.  I wished to recognize someone that I found...
This week from January 9th-13th is the annual YoungArts Week 2012 here in Miami.  The most advanced 150 senior high school talents from across the country join together to learn, exhibit & perform here in South Florida in hopes to advance their future passion & futures with a career in the Arts. ...
There has been an expansion of Jeanean's amazing idea of the Go-Giver's group & Andrea has blogged about the circle & the wonderful appearances of both authors on her blog :).  It is hopeful that the group will take off & become a wonderful growth experience for us together.  Please join & leave ...
There are not any other words that need to go with this profound & beautiful post by Paul Henderson....it speaks volumes & a quote by one of my favorite author/speaker(s).  He has also gifted us & captured this bit of nature of which we are blessed. Thank you Paul for the reminder & sharing.  Ple...

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