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Well this post is involving two of my favorite people & friends on Active Rain Jeanean Gendron & Andrea Bedard.  Jeanean started a new group & it is based on the book the "Go-Giver" & Andrea has started on the quest to find this book....  The popularity has made it not such an easy find...  So, n...
How could I not pass this forward ~ Richard Yates brought it to our attention that Kerrie needs to be elevated to a more suitable place in the subscriber list...  I said but of course this needs to be passed forward.  I am already a subscriber, but it is definitely a worthwhile cause for such a c...
A wonderful inspirational story by Gayle, that does indeed give us example that "one" can make a difference!  I hope that everyone reading attempts at least one of these items...hopefully several! Thank you Gayle for sharing!  I believe I suggested last night, but in case I am re-blogging in my h...
  I always love it when I find a positive article published or televised with the local news that supports the benefits of Staging.  I had to share of course.  While it does not paint everything perfect.  It does give a beneficial & realistic perspective of Staging.  I find it doubly great after ...
I am doing fly by(s) with my Social Medias the past few weeks, since my Mom's little setback & trying to align things a bit differently as a result.  Amazingly though, despite the briefness, I have discovered some stories that have just so moved my heart.  I do regret that it will most likely be ...
I have been way behind as I have posted with almost everything in the world of late...not just my blog here, but also even the newspaper, or other media. Well yesterday I took just about a 30 minute break & decided to pick up the paper at my parents home. Sometimes the Angels above send you me a ...
Many of you know how things have been going the past week plus & I am way behind, but I did a quick drive by on Facebook today & had to re-post this video.  The message was very heart warming...but it also helped solidify the "magic" of Social Media.  One Tweet made a difference to the point they...
Well I started out ahead...  Tree was up in time for Mom's company A few Holiday surprises were all lined up Out of town company arrived & my brother & all went well Trucks were organized.... screech....squeal....Mom goes to urgent care between loads Well you know that you can NOT always plan lif...
I may be getting ahead of myself, as we are in the midst of all of the things that we give thanks.  One of the things that came to mind to me today,  is I thought it was very gracious of Santa Claus to have given us the benefit of the "Naughty or Nice" list as parents!!  My children have always l...
I saw this post first by Sherri Wellborn with her re-blog, of this story by Gary Woltal.  Gary's story will stop & make everyone think this Thanksgiving and be thankful for what we have & not what we don't have. While we are human & have emotions no doubt, this should keep most of the negativity ...

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