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Well this blog came to me today when trying to get my son, daughter-n-law, & grandson moved from their apartment that I wrote about not so very long ago with their unwelcome guests.  I have found value in this truck rental company time & time again.  I said well this is information to share that ...
I read a LOT from all of you, plus see what is happening in my own environment, as well as what is in the news & documentaries.  I just have had a thought & please don't shoot me for asking....  What does everyone think about trying to merge the part that is the dreaded lease/rental market with y...
I had to re-blog this post by Stacey Johnson-Cosby.  It is amazing to follow as she describes how she stepped out of her comfort zone & what can be accomplished if we put our minds to it.  I know that it is human nature to remain stuck sometimes in our comfort zone.  I hope you enjoy this as much...
  There is a district of Miami called Wynwood, it is positioned in an area of gentrification, that is overflowing with talent, art galleries, & now famous graffiti artists.  The area is in a warehouse commercialized district just to the north of Downtown Miami.  Many have been transformed into Lo...
(Images courtesy of Google - Thank you Google for the fun!)  I know, I know, I am "always" out of the office....   no really....I have to go to training for two days..... 9/26-9/27  :-/   I will miss you guys......no distractions allowed or I will have to pass a tin cup...   so.....  I will look...
I had to re-blog this post by Marte.  "Saying what you'll do, & doing what you say" is at the top of the list for best practices!  It is amazing how important the basics of keeping your word, or "walking your talk" can be in building relations in both business & your community.  I had no more mag...
I found this post by Christine Stalsonburg.  She has posted for us a wonderful way to give back to our soldiers.  I am passing it forward.  If you would contact her & leave her a comment & also jump in with support I am sure she will be very grateful.  If you are looking for a way to pur a smile ...
I am sure we all have the updates come in through the night when we awake from our Active Rain & our Facebook pages.  This morning for me came a special update that "stayed" with me the rest of the day...  I think it stuck with me primarily because of my social interaction here on Active Rain.  I...
This was an excellent reminder from Alan May on a Featured post.  You may wish to go over & give him a nice comment.  I did find myself #132 on the log :)  I wished to re-blog it to give it more exposure & may be get some thoughts on the balance of it all? I know the devices keep changing faster ...
This is an excellent post by Rebekah Radice.  She pretty well summarizes it without mincing words!  She never fails to have valuable information to share.  I told her I felt it should be required daily reading here...but as I am behind I guess that would be shooting myself in the foot.  I missed ...

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