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Well I try to visit Analytics at least once a week to see what traffic I am receiving & approximately where it is coming from....  I wish I could figure out "specifics" to follow up, but wanted to share a brief overview of what it told me this morning.  I do check more frequently at times dependi...
Mimi Foster put out this AMAZING Blog two weeks ago & I can't believe that I missed it the first time!  I felt that as much as I am here & it somehow got past me that I HAD to re-blog to others, as if it got by here then it most likely missed many others...  So, I am re-blogging some very generou...
I found this post by Broker Bryant today very interesting...especially how he handled his responses.  I thought to myself that this may be a great post for the "newbies" or even not so new.  I wanted to re-blog in case some didn't catch it & have hit some of these road blocks. Hi Folks. Most of u...
Tim Lorenz's blog on the boat rescues was a wonderful reminder of why we are proud to be American!!  There are not many other words necessary....except Thank You Tim for posting!! On 911 I never saw that which should make us all "Proud to be an American".  Over 500,000 people were rescued by wate...
My step son Beau & his wife moved in a nice apartment just before having their first baby in March.  It was shortly thereafter, I was over visiting & I said to Beau, "I think you have rats in your ceiling".  He said really?  I said yes, I think the nest is right there over the medallion for the l...
 When we find new sources, I find it is always a nice thing to share, & pass forward to others.  Many of us need a "direct mail" campaign for various advertising.  In the Localism of trying to introduce new businesses, I would like to introduce to you Sonic Print.  Sonic Print is a great company ...
Well, I know for many the past few days have been introspective.  It definitely has been for me.  Today, on the Turnpike northbound, I couldn't help reflect on a friend's post yesterday on her Facebook site that said "I LOVE MY LIFE"!  Yes :), of course I was happy to read it & there were a few c...
This is a video that a friend of mine & a crew member put together on her own after Bin Laden was found..... America the Beautiful - 9-11 Tribute. www.youtube.com I made this video on September 10th 2010 so that I can post it on my facebook wall on September 11. When I found out Usama Bin Laden w...
My Fallen Heroes & Colleagues ~ May God Be Watching Over Them  
There is not a year that goes by that I am not surprisingly raw from 9/11. I believe that all of us have tremendous emotions regarding this point in history & it has certainly changed the lives of "everyone". So, I know that there are so many stories, and the tragedy speaks in volumes, especially...

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