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HOLY LOUD PAINT JOB BATMAN!!!   Think the owner is a Florida Gators fan? So I recently sold a house that had the most hideous paint job(not the one above). Not only did the exterior look like a creamsickle, but the interior was a mix of lime green, bright pink and orange. I felt like I was walki...
HAVE OPEN HOUSES BECOME A WASTE OF TIME???   So pretty much every realtor I have spoken to lately has said that open houses are simply a waste of time. Do you agree? This can be argued either way because some say that open houses are still a great way to meet buyers and promote your listings. Ot...
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOOD BUSINESS   An associate of mine shared this with me earlier and I thought I would forward it along :-) A customer is the most important person in any business A customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him/her A customer is not an interruption of our work...
  Is it just me or does it seem like 7 out of every 10 flyer boxes you pass by or approach end up being empty? This may not be important to some agents, but it should be! What if you lost a legitimate buyer because you failed to do something as simple as keeping your flyer box filled? I bet your...
Are you prepared for when the "big one" hits?   I am writing this post because a friend of mine allows fear to control her mind as well as her wallet. Since the quake yesterday, she has been frantically gathering supplies (most of which she does not need) in an attempt to prepare for "The Big On...
After trading replies with a like minded agent a little earlier, I remembered a bumper sticker I saw on a Range Rover not too long ago. Since I was not in the position to snap camera phone shot, I thought I would google it to see if it was available. Obviously it was so I have pasted it above fo...
uh... could you please repeat the question? where are those damn 5th graders when you need them?   Oh, that's right... they want to get this one signed on the hush(or at least it seems). I thought all major bills received a signing ceremony at the White House so that the President could acknowle...
  Well actually, I am not referring to real physical pain, but you might get your feelings hurt at worst :-) Read instructions before posting blogs, steer away from any negative comments and always remember... there is no such thing as a stupid question :-) I am fairly new to AR and I must admit...
How often do you "honestly" think about your safety while out in the field?   Yes, there are a number of us that are always looking over our shoulders, possess fire arms, etc, but how often do you "honestly" think about your safety while out in the field? I have lived in Seattle's Greater Eastsi...
  Question...   A fellow agent and I were having a discussion this morning about Redfin. I had mentioned to him that I recently posted a blog on Active Rain regarding commission cuts and he proceeded to steer the conversation towards Redfin. I am sure this is a topic that has been discussed 100 t...

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