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The Critical Questions You Must Ask Any Realtor Before You List or consider hiring a Realtor. Eight questions to ask during an interview process before you hire a real estate agent to list your home. 1. What is your company’s track record and reputation in the market place?  It may appear like ev...
 For many people, the ability to refinance your home may shrink daily expenses and actually better credit all at once. Contrary to what you might think, refinancing is still a viable option for many householders. Discover if it's a sound idea to refinance your home with this quick quiz:   1. Are ...
Owning vs. Renting – The Big Debate  There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to make the ultimate decision and decide whether to buy and own their own home or continue to rent. It’s a huge decision as both have notable benefits and disadvantages and it is not one to be taken lightly...
Getting Your Mortgage Loan from the Internet May Cost You.      It could be a costly mistake if you get a loan online from a mortgagre company in different parts of the country.  There are different rules and guidelines for different states, cities, and even counties.  It can be risky to obtain ...
      At least two dozen times a week we had people call me and ask,"What's your rate on a 30 year fixed rate?" Most times when I try and get additional information from the potential borrower. Unfortunately, for both the caller, and me they don't want to tell me anything. "I already know what I ...
  The Facts about “No-Cost Mortgage Loans".      The greatest truth I can possibly tell you it's something already know: “There is NO FREE LUNCH”   Burn that into your brain. No one can work for nothing.  You can't afford to go to work and not get paid.  Neither can a loan officer, mortgage compa...
Fannie Mae recently surfaced a program that will attempt to allow more Homeowners to take advantage of the historic low mortgage rates. The "Desktop Underwriter Refi Plus" program is going to expand the criteria for qualifying for a mortgage refinance. If you have been affected by the recent decl...
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Your mindset is typically positive each day and facing the challenge of finding new prospects to purchase a home or list their current home. Today's economy has affected your business when you look at mortgage lenders, buyers, sellers and the current housing market conditions. Waking up each morn...
Business is tough in today's market with the current economy in turmoil. Now the new president will inherit the current crisis the country is facing. There is no switch to flick and make the problems disappear. This was bound to happen no matter who won the president election. US employment just ...


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