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Have you ever heard someone referred to as a "great resource"?  What does that mean, anyway?  There are natural resources, human resources, environmental resources . . . the list is endless.  Simply stated, a resource is a method by which a need can be met.  Natural resources are things the earth...
One thing everyone knows about me is that I stink at math.  Numbers are not my strength, not by a long shot.  However, there are two mathematical principles that I fully understand and take to heart.  1.  Good guys add and multiply.  Bad guys subtract and divide.  It is pretty self explanatory.  ...
Sorry Folks - There Is No Magic Pill I meet with a lot of people.  We talk about success, we discuss strategies, and we share ideas.  All of that is awesome.  Invariably, however, I meet people who think they have found the magic pill for success in real estate.  Short sales, social media, SEO, t...
This time of year always reminds me of being a little girl and helping my grandfather work in his garden.  I remember one time in particular that I was completely puzzled by how potatoes were sown.  You actually cut "seed potatoes" in half, and plant them in the earth.  I said "Popaw, if we need ...
Its All In Your Head. Really. While preparing for the 2000 Olympics, American diver Laura Wilkinson broke three toes and was unable to go into the water.  Rather than stop her preparations, she sat for hours each day on the diving platform, repeatedly recreating in her mind a detailed vision of e...
Social Media Mania Is it just me, or does it seem ever more increasingly difficult to "disconnect" from work?  The world truly is getting smaller, and so is the amount of time we are able to spend in self-reflection and being focused on our personal relationships. I am first to admit . . . I am p...
The Power of Focus “You get what you focus on”, “inspect what you expect”, “if you chase two rabbits, you get neither” - - all clichés that are intended to convey the importance of the power of focus. Focus is defined as: a center of activity, attraction, or attention; a point of concentration. T...
Last week, I had the pleasure of attending SHIFT tour with KW founder, Gary Keller.  Gary is a brilliant business man, and had some very profound insights:   • Get used to the real "now".  Things are not going to go back to the way they were in 2002-2005.  It was a facade. • It's okay to be a rea...
Mind Your Own Business! Most Realtors® believe that because they earn a license that they have simultaneously become a Real Estate Business owner.  They have confused having a business with being a part of an industry.  Dave Ramsey often says that if you are running a business that is not profita...
When you mention viral marketing, most people wonder if there is a vaccine for it. But if you have ever given or received a referral, odds are, viral marketing was at work in your favor . . . and it is one virus that you don't want to stop. To begin a viral marketing campaign, you don't need a lo...

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