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Pleasantville, NY              Pleasantville, NY5 BR, 4 Bath - $899,000 Lovingly maintained, immaculate home on one of Pleasantville's most sought-after streets. Built in 1963, half acre of property; walk to all Pleasantville Schools, park, train, stores, theater. Over 2,800 sq. ft. - 4/5 bedroom...
How many times have you been in situations where you saw a house that was priced much lower than the same house in another neighborhood or state? I feel that I run into these situations all the time. So what is it that creates these fluctuations in price? How does the "Free Market" do this? It's ...
Catching up with a friend, we got into the conversation of real estate. Not a foreign subject to either of us since I am a licensed real estate broker, he is a contractor as well as both of us being multi-property owners. The conversation began when I asked him if he knew of a particular large sc...
Many of my friends own apartment buildings in the Bronx. I also owned a building there several years ago. If you're unfamiliar with the area, you're probably saying to yourself "Now why would anyone want to buy a building in the Bronx!" Well, if you're a real estate investor and live in the NYC a...

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