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A light hearted blog from London, UK providing an insight into the British property market and the way agents work over here. Also focusing on web 2.0 technology and the power of online marketing.
Most people by now have seen the video 'Leave Brintey Alone' (if you haven't you can see it here) There have been numerous parodies but this one has to be my favourite....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho_m6sVBGsM Apologies that I couldn't embed it in the blog...I don't know how! But hope it make...
Remember: I  blog from England...should help explain the £ symbols ;-) In London it seems the sun has officially put his hat back in the wardrobe as Jack Frost prepares to greet us each morning. Scarves are wrapped round necks and children are excited that they can see their bre...
Remember: I blog from England which should explain some of the different terminology :-)  Hundreds of billions of emails are opened and read every day. For many, email is the preferred method of communication, especially for business, but what happens when the person you’re trying to contact only...
Remember: I blog from England, which should explain the pound symbols and rarity of having a pool in the backyard ;-) I just read an interesting article debating the value a swimming pool can add to a property. The obvious opinion is that having a swimming pool is a great selling point, but if yo...
I just stumbled upon a rather funny blog which features a 'Bad MLS photo of the day' every day (naturally). I know property photos are always being hotly debated here on activerain so I thought I'd post you the link if you hadn't seen this site before....http://www.reagentinct.com/category/bad-ml...
Out of 42,869 ActiveRainers I'm going to take a longshot that at least a good few will be on vacation during the first week of September...and perhaps a couple of you will be heading to Europe.Okay, it's unlikely!But if anyone does find themselves in London on the 6th of September then I'd love t...
This blog is from an activerainer based in London, England....hopefully that explains the pound symbols etc! :-)Online property search is an important tool. If you're looking for a property, it will find you a property. But on a Friday afternoon you may not feel like any serious house-hunting. In...
To those of you who don’t know me (I say as though I’m some sort of Hollywood starlet!) I work in London, England for a property search engine - www.zoomf.com. We’re kind of similar to Zillow and Trulia and we’re pretty darn new. In the UK, agents do not understand the potential of the web and wh...
A little reminder to those who don't know me...I'm blogging from London and offering a British perspective...thanks! So it seems that a quick check of who’s ‘poking’ you can render you unemployed. 70% of employers are planning to ban access to Facebook in the office and many city firms already ha...
Thank-you Home Information Packs, you’ve given me the opportunity to quote Huey Lewis and The News in a blog title. Actually, I was at a Huey Lewis concert in Florida earlier this year and the wait before they came on stage was not dissimilar to all this waiting for HIPs we’re doing now. First, ...

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