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A light hearted blog from London, UK providing an insight into the British property market and the way agents work over here. Also focusing on web 2.0 technology and the power of online marketing.
On the face of it, you wouldn’t really expect an online shoe shop to work. Shoes are one of the only items you ‘need’ to have tried on before you can confidently make a purchase. If you buy them online you run the risk they don’t fit, if they don’t fit you have the hassle and cost of sending the...
Marginal falls in rental returns for houses. The latest quarterly survey of ARLA’s member letting agents shows that average weighted rents for houses are down 7%, for flats the figure is down 9%. However in some areas demand still outstrips supply and the number of days a property lays empty bet...
On Saturday afternoon, I was pretty much lazing around on my laptop and watching TV with no plans for anything cooler than that. On Saturday night, I went to Ultimate Fighting Championship at the O2 Centre in London with the CEO and COO of Zappos.com, partied with fighters and sponsors and eventu...
It’s Friday afternoon (well in London it is) and we’re feeling a bit silly here at Zoomf HQ. If you’re also having a funny five minutes then how about some lolcats? ICanHasCheezburger is a site like no other, it’s just a simple blog with pictures of cats (and now also dogs and politicians) with a...
Then read this interview with Teresa Boardman from Minnesota. She’s a real estate agent and broker who’s tweeting, youtubing and facebooking her way to real estate success. She believes that around 80% of her business comes from the internet now and SearchEngineLand have conducted an insightful i...
The Ferrari man who mistook his Putney house for a garage. Meet the man who loved his car so much he built a glass wall between the garage and the house so he could gaze lovingly at his car whenever he desired. Worth a click for the photo gallery alone. Read more at The Telegraph. UK home prices...
Hi y'all. You may have never read one of my posts on ActiveRain, and as I read through the most recently published posts, I haven't read many of yours either! Forgive me if this sounds rude, I am an active activerainer (as it were) it's just that I blog when most of you are still asleep :-) I blo...
I’ve written about incentives before, and that was when the market was in a better state than it is today. So it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to see that developers P&M Project Management are offering a free car to anyone who purchases one of three new luxury first floor apartments in the Bram...
According to new figures released today by RICS’ Building Costs Information Service, the average cost of home improvement work in the United Kingdom has risen by 20% over the past two years. The main causes of this increase being rising prices of oil and raw materials combined with cheap Eastern ...
New homes market ‘on the up’. We recently reported the huge number of new homes laying empty, SmartNewHomes.com paint a different picture and say that last month saw the second successive rise in the price of new homes. The south-east being the best performing region with a price rise of 1.9%. R...

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