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A light hearted blog from London, UK providing an insight into the British property market and the way agents work over here. Also focusing on web 2.0 technology and the power of online marketing.
A report in the Telegraph, about a survey by Halifax Home Insurance, which was blogged about on FSBO, which you’re now reading about here on ActiveRain (blimey) has found that by 2020 the humble dining room will have disappeared from British homes. Just this year over half a million Brits will be...
I was lucky enough to interview Jon for my outside blog here in London, but I thought there'd be no harm in posting his interesting answers here on AR too. So why not start your day (or end you day - I don't get these time differences!!!) with a few insights into the man who gave us another reaso...
Excuse the misleading title, I’m not actually selling a house and I’m certainly not offering any highly desirable freebies, instead I am referring to an interesting article published in The Times this week describing the latest craze in ‘buyer incentives’. Everyone loves a free gift, and incentiv...
Anyone who walked along the streets of London this morning (granted that that is probably no-one on ActiveRain!) probably trod on at least eight discarded copies of The Metro, a fairly standard practice, but few could fail to notice the front page that had everyone looking more grumpy than usual ...
A professor at the University of Brighton has placed a ban on her students using two of the world’s most beloved websites. No, not Facebook or Girls Gone Wild, these students have been told they cannot use Google or Wikipedia. Surely access to these sites are basic human rights? I was going to do...
If you have your own website or a blog and you don’t know your traffic details back to front then you may be you are missing out. It has stunned me when I’ve visited agents and we’ve discussed their websites and they haven’t known where their clicks have come from. Wouldn’t you like to know what ...
The first few days of January are always crammed full of predictions for what the rest of the year will bring, not dissimilar to how the last few days of December are always full of people reviewing the year gone by. Can you believe it was nearly a year ago that Ms Spears shaved off all her hair?...
Remember - I blog from England so that may explain any strange turn of phrase! In this article I refer to places on the Monopoly Board in line with the British edition of the game, I've put the equivalent American names in brackets so that the article makes sense. Enjoy!Last night I returned to L...
I just read an interesting blog by Todd Carpenter over at Lenderama. He’s calling for Zillow’s new smart search to be even smarter, and wonders if a niftier piece of mapping techology in real estate search is already out there…. “Maybe it already exists, but what I would find most useful is a map...
The ‘…For Dummies’ family of books have plenty of titles that could help you with moving, selling, DIY and staging. Heck, they could probably put open heart surgery into Laymen’s terms if they felt like it. This month they launched ‘Green Building and Remodelling For Dummies’, and it looks like a...

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