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Staging vacant homes are always a lot of fun for Preferred Staging.  It's a great creative challenge to walk into an empty house and then envision how it will look furnished and accessorized.  Although it's not quite as simple as it sounds.  Room measurements, zones (like space between furniture,...
This is a great post by stager Kathy Streib on using neutral (not just white!) paint when preparing your house for sale.  Kathy has some excellent examples from a house she recently visited where the whole house was painted white.  Using Sherwin Williams Enhanced Color Visualizer, she demonstrat...
Imagine this phone call: (ring, ring) Caller: "Hi, I want to put my house on the market in about 2 weeks.  It has 4 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths.  How much would you list it for?"   I highly doubt any agent is going to give a quote over the phone to this hypothetical client.  Obviously, not on...
I was on a consultation earlier this week for a Realtor who hires me for every house she lists. I really like this Realtor, and she always seems to have the nicest clients - mostly young families that are moving up to a larger house.  Such was the case with this consultation. I met with the wife,...
An excellent post by Deena Cottingham of Greenapple Staging and Images caught my attention.  I wish I had written it myself because this time of year, we get a lot of these requests..."My house is going on the market in 3 days, can you help?" or "Our vacant's first open is this weekend, can you s...
I just read an HGTV article about going green the natural way... so to speak.  No, its not about using chemical free cleaners or HEPA filters, but rather the natural air cleaning qualities of house plants.  Yes, house plants. I grew up with lots of house plants, and have always had plants whereve...
A couple of weeks ago I attended a 1 hour seminar offered by the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force.  Commander AJ Gywn of Atlanta, Georgia gave a fantastic presentation on safety for stagers, although the main focus of the seminar was Realtor safety.  I STRONGLY recommend that all real estate ...
Let's get right to the numbers:   The national average cost to stage a house is approximately 1% of the asking price of the house.   This is true on some levels, but not for every house.  First, this sort of number really only applies to vacant houses, where furniture and accessories have to be r...
Preferred Staging firmly believes that every property is unique, so when we approach a house for staging, we need to take into consideration all of the wonderful features that the house has to offer.  We stage each house to highlight its best features, and work with the challenges.  Each house, t...
This is the last of a 3 part series that addresses many of the questions we receive from Realtors and home owners who are calling a stager for the first time.  In the first article, we talked about the first steps Preferred Staging takes when you call us and schedule an appointment to see your li...

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