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Difficult to find great customer service these days (with the exception of the dedicated real estate agents).  We all know how important our transportation is in this business and I recently had one of the best experiences with an auto bodey repair shop in Sunnyvale, California.  For those of you...
On 5/27/08, Channel 5 of San Francisco carried a consumer report that specifically stated that when using your credit card for a purchase and, if you are asked for your photo ID, you can refuse to show it.  The business has the right to refuse your business, but  they would be doing so in error a...
When a client finds "the home they have absolutely fallen in love with", I advise them to check out the neighborhood - not once, but on several different occasions and at different times of the day.  What may be calm and appealing on a Monday afternoon may be totally different on a weekend!  What...
How important is that initial photograph of your listing?  How many listings do you view on the MLS and skim over because of the beautiful shot of the front of the garage?  Or no photo at all?  I've seen listing agents take hundreds of photos of a property and then select the front of the garage ...
A huge THANK YOU to the witness who stopped to give his statement after our auto accident on 4/3/08.  It was a few minutes from his schedule yet he felt it necessary to give the traffic officers his statement.  How many times have you seen an accident and simply kept on going - not wanting to get...
Purchased a Nintendo DS for my grandson this past Christmas and I had so much fun with it I decided to get myself one.  No, not for the games but for "Brain Age".  I have been diligently "testing my brain age" for a few months and was recently recorded at age 27!  Pretty darn good for someone wit...
Yesterday three protesters against the conflicts in Tibet, managed to climb the towers of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and hang their banners as well as the Tibetian flag.  They accessed the bridge by simply carrying all their climbing gear and banners in baby strollers (so much for natio...
So, what do you think about the President of the National Association of Realtors announcing today that he doesn't yet think we have "hit bottom" and stated that he feels the market will not rebound until next year?  Maybe I should apply for that job at Starbucks!
There are several quaint and tranquil neighborhoods in San Jose.  The Rosegarden is one such neighborhood and a favorite of mine.  The shady tree lined avenues are nostalgic of my upbringing in Pennsylvania.A wonderful feature of the Rosegarden area of San Jose is the Municipal Rose Garden at the...
Did you know the previous location of the Ainsley House was the corner of Hamilton and Bascom?  It took several days, many street closures and the removal of some utility poles to move the overhead wires to relocate the home to its present location.  The most wonderful event of the holidays begin...

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