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One of the biggest mistakes people make is not promoting their content. Believe me, I've been there.   When you write a new blog post you have to do a lot of work to get it out there.    Most people typically spend 80% of their time producing content and only 20% of their time promoting it. In re...
We know that Facebook is a default method for getting in touch with potential clients online, sometimes to the detriment of other sites.    However, what I do give Facebook credit for is they are quick to try out new things, and if you jump on them quickly, you can see a massive advantage over yo...
If you're anything like me, finding the right photo to include in my blog can be a major pain in the you know what.   I used to spend an incredible amount of time searching for a photo that fit the theme and I didn't have to pay out of the nose for.   Sometimes, I felt like I was spending more ti...
Have You Googled Yourself?   I know, it's kind of a strange question, unless you're looking for some newfound celebrity. But, when it comes to being found online the very first thing you need is an online presence.    Many of the most successful real estate agents are really focusing in on buildi...
Mobile is huge today. Did you know mobile search is overtaking the traditional desktop or laptop computer?   In fact, the vast majority of internet users today own a smart phone, I'm guessing you're in that group too. Just think about how often you are using your phone for everything but calls an...
A lot of real estate professionals, and people in the industry like mortgage brokers, do a deep focus on their local area.  This can be a great way to get more qualified leads, especially when you are seen as THE local expert in your region. But, many don't because they feel like it's just too ti...
One of the biggest issues people find when using social media is trying to still come across as a human. This is especially true when you are part of a brand.  The good news there are a couple of easy things you can do to promote your brand on Twitter and also showcase your personality as well. T...
In my last post, Three of My Favorite Time Saving Social Media Tools, I got a lot of comments from people who had never heard of the tools I'd mentioned but were very interested.    So, I figured, since I am pretty experienced in all three, I'd devote a few blog posts to diving a bit deeper into ...
  Still struggling to find time to market yourself online via social media? I know the feeling! That's why I thought I'd share some of my favorite tools I use for social media that are real time savers. Here they are: BuzzSumo What I love about BuzzSumo is it tackles two things at once. First, it...
I'm sure by now you've all heard how important social media is for your business. Social media provides an interesting platform for real estate professionals. Especially considering the vast majority of people who are looking to buy and sell a home are looking online first.   The problem is, soci...

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