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Hi Active Rainers,Tim here, with a quick invite to our next free webinar - hosted by our VP of Sales & Marketing.Irrespective of whether you have a website or marketing platform with us (or your interest - or lack thereof - in our product), you're destined to learn something new and exciting. Thi...
 Hi Active Rainers,Quick question - do you send out Open House follow-ups to folks who attended?If you need inspiration for an email to send out, check out the infographic below (heck, you can even type it out verbatim). Off topic thought: wouldn't it be nice if infographics were copy and pasteab...
Howdy Active Rainers,Addicted to Facebook? You're not alone. Instead of mindless scrolling, aimlessly perusing, and merely "reacting" on the social media giant - why not make the most of your time there? With that said - we're back again with another infographic, based on previously featured cont...
Hi Active Rainers,Below is an infographic for content we've previously shared (some folks find it easier to absorb content this way - think "visual learners"). The entirety of the original post can also be found below the image.As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts!- Tim  by Andy Coffaro Rec...
Howdy Active Rainers,The infographic below was designed with a past marketing tip in mind (you can read the original content in it's entirety below the infographic).As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything!- Tim   by Andy CoffaroWe have a feeling that many of your...
Hi Active Rainers,Valentine's Day is exactly a week away.Instead of overindulging in candy, we have something even sweeter for you.The AccelerAgent CRM comes fully loaded with the most cutting-edge tech features, accompanied by the warm, human elements you need to foster and sustain solid, lastin...
Hi Active Rainers,Tim here, with another infographic (we really love making these, if you haven't noticed).This one features 5 useful social media practices and resources that often go neglected.How many of them were you unaware of and/or have already implemented?As always, we appreciate and valu...
Hi ActiveRainers,On a budget this year? We understand. That's why we're highlighting some offers, tools, and content that will save you (literally months worth of) money.Mobile apps, single property websites, fully loaded website and marketing platform (+ listing-generating technology), live inte...
by Andy Coffaro Recent reports have stated that the average opt-in rate is about 1.95% (, 2017). This means that for every 100 visitors to your real estate website, 2 or more should be signing up to join your list.Are they?A huge barrier to capturing real estate leads is hoping visitors w...
Howdy Active Rainers,We're one month into 2018 - are you doing everything in your power to maximize your referrals this year?If you're not entirely sure, or need some help putting things into perspective, the infographic below features 8+ questions you should be asking yourself to raise your busi...

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