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Top 10 Reasons to Fire Yourself as Transaction Coordinator and Delegate Your Way to a Raise! Several years ago I met with the owner of a Florida based brokerage about encouraging the agents who worked with him to use our Transaction Coordinator services. There were several savvy Realtors in his f...
Checklists are not unique in bringing a transaction coordinating business to order and nothing new to my fellow entrepreneurs. Yet, many resist and often work much harder than necessary to get from start to finish. Many mistakes can be dramatically reduced or eliminated by putting together simple...
More than 17 years ago, when I started in real estate, we didn’t use the internet. There were no websites to get instant information on taxes or neighborhoods. We didn’t have “CrackBerrys” or “iPhones” to instantly know when someone wanted us either by mail or text. Yet, closings took place day a...
The easiest way to increase business is by staying connected with those that already know, trust, and adore you. This is the number one strategy of many top sales and business professionals. They realize that nurturing a relationship, building rapport, and staying connected is one of the best and...
In House Transaction Coordinating Service vs. Virtual Transaction Coordinating This is an actual email I received today: “Would love to talk to you about the closing coordination services you offer. We have a gal that does it in our office, but our phones are SO busy that it is hard for her to do...
How Long Should it Take for your Transaction Coordinator to Start on Your New File Yesterday I received a call from a Realtor interested in our Transaction Coordinating services. As always I want to get to know the callers before I launch into what we do, so I asked her to “please tell me about y...
 One of my favorite books is The EMyth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.  The book tells the story of why many small businesses fail and offers suggestions on preventing it.  Much of it has to do with systems, or lack thereof.  Systems are what can help you take your Real Estate business to the nex...
As a Realtor, investing in your future business needs may seem silly to some when all you really want is the phone to ring and the leads to convert to sales. However, without a proper foundation it’s difficult to fully capitalize on all the marketing and lead generation that’s being done or to gr...

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