Ok, corny headline but the question is a serious one.  How many times have you gotten in the car and driven somewhere only to find yourself so distracted by something that you weren't aware of the journey.  You arrived at your destination and had no idea how you got there or any memory of what yo...
 After a slow start on Active Rain last year, I made a commitment to myself late last month to become more active.  I decided to dedicate a certain number of hours monthly to this online community.   I figured I'd have the opportunity to say a few things on my blog, drop a few comments here and t...
While technology has given us many options on connecting with our clients, many of them also leave us with a lack of personalization.  We all have email, voice mail, snail mail and while all are good, none of them allow for face time.  At my office we are using the technology of Skype to communic...
In the powerful book eMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber there is a lot of information about the power of creating systems.  Setting up your business so that you can enjoy the freedom associated with being a business owner.  But many of us struggle to do this.  We get busy, work more hours and then...
Everyone is looking for ways to keep their name in the thoughts of buyers and sellers.  From time to time we could all use some fresh ideas.  Follow this link to the most recent ezine by Mr. Internet where one of my tips was featured. hope...
I recently attended a networking event and the speaker told a story about when her business was young and she was at her wits end.  She talked about the fax machine running out of toner at a critical time and not having spare at her office.  Worst yet, she wasn't even sure she knew how to change ...
Often one of the greatest challenges even the best Realtors face is managing the transaction once the property enters the contract phase.  Most buyers and sellers have no idea how much work is involved in the process of getting a home to closing. It is often difficult to juggle the demands of gat...

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