Recently as a special reward for helping a client with an extremely difficult closing, he took Leann (one of the TMC Coordinators) and me flying in a helicopter over Downtown Orlando.  It was an awesome adventure to fly above the city, doors off, hair flapping and a bit scary as well.  As the f...
 If you are looking to connect with REAL Real Estate Investors stop by an online networking site I recently joined and take a look around.  It's loaded with helpful information, networking opportunities and much more.  Be sure to connect with me once you've joined.
 Recently I was a featured speaker at a seminar in New Orleans.  The participants were seasoned real estate investors who were there to explore new concepts for their business.  While there, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to network with the attendees and other speakers.  One thing I fou...
I think I have always been a "gadget girl".  I had a cell phone back in the old days when you paid $30. a month just to have the thing work.  Then the provider hit me with $.35 a minute when I dared to use it, or could lift the huge thing to my ear.  I was one of the first among my friends to own...
 As I write this page, I'm a a friends office who owns The Knowledge Shop in Central Florida.  The reason I'm here is because I home office is a bit noisy the day after Thanksgiving and rather than struggle for silence, I left the house to get some work done.  We became after I took some classes ...
Then join with me in my quest to do something about it.  Tell the world your story.  I am putting together a book and will be collecting stories for the next several months.  This is a book about all the great things that happen in real estate.  I've already received great feed back and with the ...
On the surface the real estate transaction is pretty straightforward.  There is a contract, where the buyer and seller agree to certain terms.  Then there is the loan, where the buyer agrees to certain terms with the lender.  Then there is the closing, where everything is signed and everyone is p...
One of this summer's hottest best sellers according to the New York Times is The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.  This book does a great job discusses the benefits of outsourcing, automating and systematizing your way to the life you want.  It's about escaping the chains that tie one to a des...
 I am asking this question, because it's important to make sure that your marketing dollars are being used effectively.  It's also a surefire way to increase your business.  When you find something that works, do it a more.  With that said, do you know with certainty where your business is coming...
A short while ago, I wrapped up an especially tough day, but before I call the computer quits for the day, I had to share this story.Today waiting all day for a file to come out of underwriting with the final loan approval we learned that a buyer's financing wasn't going to happen the we expected...

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