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Laura Cerrano is a second-generation Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Expert. As a full-time consultant, Laura provides bicoastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies and healing facilities. The intention of her blog is to provide easy to implement and at times beyond tangible Feng Shui tips. Besides that, she is also in the process of conducting scientific research to help reveal if there really is any physiological and emotional benefits we receive from these ancient healing practices. If you need customized Feng Shui suggestions, it's best to contact Laura directly and schedule an on-site or remote session.
Certified New York City Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano provides offers over 22+ years of on-site consulting experience for residential, commercial, and brand new development projects. She provides Feng Shui consultations and Reiki Healing sessions for all of Long Island, Queens, Long Island C...
This particular Feng Shui cure originated from Professor Lin Yun’s BTB School. It was created as a means to offer simple, yet profound ways in how to shift the vibrational energy of a home. He shared several reasons for their use and below are a couple of them.  You’ll need a multi-faceted Swarov...
I was in New York City for a Feng Shui Consultation and before heading over, I decided to visit the Fort Washington Park, located along the world famous Hudson River. A few things that intrigued me to explore. First, it was an absolute beautiful day outside. Second, I needed a break from all the ...
Laura Cerrano of the Feng Shui Manhattan Talk Show interviews Dr. Flora Luyando LAc, of Flora Healing Bodyworks about acupuncture in Washington Heights NYC! Topics Covered:What is acupuncture? What are the top reasons for why people request acupuncture treatment?What benefits does acupuncture pro...
Feng Shui Long Island Real Estate Evalutation Includes:  Evaluation of the surrounding land plot and layout of the location to measure its energy potential of being beneficial or draining, according to your specific needs. Please provide a floor plan of the home or office being evaluated. Evaluat...
FENG SHUI MANHATTAN WORKSHOP REMINDER:This Thursday, April 25th, 2019, I'll be providing a workshop at the Garden City Public library. As a group, we'll focus on how to utilize Feng Shui and KonMari Tidying Up principles for refreshing your home's energy! To conclude the program, I'll introduce s...
Did you know that McDonald's, Nike, Coca-Cola and Intel all use Feng Shui to enhance their business success? O yes! This is nothing new, yet it's not always spoken about and brought to the public eye. I've had the pleasure of assisting various small businesses, large corporations and fortune 500 ...
HAPPY EARTH DAY!!This past weekend was full of energy that provided a greater sense of rest and connection with family, friends and yourself. After spending a relaxing Sunday with my dad and brother, I went home and began decluttering my garage. Now to some, this may sound like work, yet for me, ...
This past Sunday I visited the David A. Sarnoff Preserve which is home to 2800 acres of pristine pine barrens. The brush is very thick, so its best to wear proper hiking gear; long pants, sleeves and have tick spray on hand for sure!!The trails aren't very well marked, and a local guide recommend...
I'm so very happy to share, "I love my park day" registration is now open!! May 4th, 2019 is a day dedicated to show love and care to your local parks!! Which really, can be every day, yet at least we have one day that brings total awareness. In short, you help clean up, repair and prepare the lo...

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