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Once again Cosmo to the rescue. Who says pets don't make good advertisements! This clip was taken a year ago when Cosmo was small - Just before he graduated to a larger crate. This ad will run next week on the cable channel locally in Halifax. I  think it's "Out of the box enough" that people wat...
As I blogged before - my dog Cozmo is my new assistant. I thought I would add him to the dog lovers section. He just got clipped pretty good. He will grow out soon.  The trouble is he will swim in any brook, mud bog etc. He had one too many knots that just couldn't be combed out and hey...It's su...
They are all in vogue now. "Teams" are propping up all over the place. "Let my Real Estate Team" take care of your needs. Seems there isn't a billboard out there without the word "team" on it. I recently read the book "Millionaire Real Estate Agent". In the book it explained all the processes and...
Halifax has one of the largest natural ice free harbours in the world. It boasts an outer harbour two kilometres in width and eight kilometres in length with a narrow channel leading to a huge inner harbour - Bedford Basin. With a depth of 18 metres (60 feet) at low tide, Halifax also has one of ...
What is it about running that keeps you sane? There is something about getting up before everyone on your street and hitting the pavement for an hour. I always solve any problems I have while I'm out it seems. I also get great ideas that just seem to pop out of my nowhere as well. This works grea...
Some of the most valuable real estate in Nova Scotia lies in these parts: Starting at the Point where the #3 and the #333 meet going dow the #3 as far as Masons Point. Passing Allen Heights and Todds Island as well as Sunnywood. These make up the key subdivisions on the Ocean. As well in Boutilie...
Located just 15 Minutes from Halifax, St. Margaret's Bay is one of the most requested areas in Nova Scotia. The closeness to Halifax is a big draw,plus a newly constructed 4 lane hiway wisks you in to work in no time. The Oceanfront is generally good quality and for boaters, the Bay offers many I...
What to look for in a Oceanfront Home taking into consideration future Water levels rising and or Tidal Surge damage due to hurricanes. Look for atleast 2.5 Meter or 7.5 ft vertical setback from the high tide mark for any home foundation.  I seriously doubt that global warming will affect the ave...
Oceanfront Investing Whether its a second home, a move to the ocean, a cottage or a strictly an investment oceanfront has historically been a good investment. Lately- (In Nova Scotia anyway) we are are experiencing a fair bit of buyer concern that there will be another correction, and miss out if...
There are currently over 50 Oceanfront homes on the Market in Halifax and Halifax/South through to Hubbards and the Aspotogan Peninsula. Ranging in the $300,000 to Multiple Millions Range.The St. Margaret's Bay area -which is within the 30 min range to Halifax seems to be the most popular amongst...

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