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When did a home become more than a place to live? When i was growing up, we lived in the same house till most of the kids had lft and my prents downsized. How did we get to this point where people are upgrading frequestly and moving from one houe to another?
As difficult as this may be, I am interested in what people think about the upcoming election and what effect each candadite would have on the economy.  As different people have dropped out of the race, it has limited who we can vote for. Wehter conservative or liberal, who do you think is best f...
I had an interesting experience the other day.  Someone I do business with called me and asked me if I could refer them to a closing attorney that does comercial real estate.  This was an eye opening question.  I close both residential and commercial real estate.  Surely I tell all my contacts th...
After having numerous conversations with a number of Realtors, Loan Officers, and others in the industry I have come to the "conclusion" that the purchase market is going to increase in the spring.  The realtors I speak to insist that there are a large number of buyers waiting to buy.  As I have ...
It seems the President and the Members of Congress are trying to do whatever they can to put off the large scale foreclosure crisis.  As many of us in the business know, the huge numbers of foreclosures are in and of itself a drag on the market.  They keep prices down which in turn prevents peopl...
In Rhode Island, a buyer of real estate or a home owner refinancing their current mortgage has the legal right to choose your own title attorney.  Often times during the buying or refinancing process, the consumer will be referred to a number of people involved in the process.  This could include...
Okay, so you want to buy a home.  But all we keep hearing is the media saying that the housing bubble is bursting, the economy is going into a recession, and the future is uncertain.  You need to step back and take a look at the facts, not the media hype.1) Home prices have come down.2) Interest ...
So you want to buy or sell a home.  When should you contact an attorney?  The answer may suprise you.  It is never too early to call.  Whether buying or selling, you should contact an attorney who concentrates in real estate before you enter into a purchase and sales agreement or, if your selling...
Okay I know. Maybe you think I'm talking abou the Real Estate Market or maybe interest rates.  Maybe I am talking about the Stock Market.  Actually, its none of these.  Think of all the things that are going on.  What was the one thing we in New England could count on this year?  Yes it was the N...
So here we are 2008 and the first month is in the books.  Economists say we are in a recession.  Other economists say we are not in a recession.  A couple of weeks ago we had the most mortgage applications since 2004.  The stock market has a hundred plus point gain one day followed by a hundred p...

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