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   After the Civil war there was a movement away from the English styles of Georgian and Adam towards a more classical style. Thomas Jefferson was a big part of the change with his interest in Romanesque design followed by what came to dominant the American home style for about 30 years -- approx...
I remember years ago being taught to make a plan and day by day plug along, making adjustments as I go along. The Japanese model of long-term thinking was praised as a mature, smart, forward looking model based on steady principles and hard work and long-term thinking. This made sense to me becau...
When Sherman and his men were preparing to enter Savannah in 1864, they camped in the Pooler community, which at the time had only a couple of hundred residents. Who could have known what it would become many years later.Pooler was named after Robert William Pooler who was instrumental in creatin...
Tybee Island housing was once mainly single family dwellings, made up of cottages within the small residential area and some larger oceanfront homes along what is called the ocean-side of Butler Ave., but in recent years there has been a proliferation of condos.With limited space for development,...
There are many reasons to love Savannah, but one of the main reasons is access to the ocean and the rivers. Some of the most beautiful properties in Savannah are waterfront or marshview properties. There are many concerns when considering a waterfront property: Is it deepwater? Is it a tidal cree...
Ardsley Park is a popular area, and with its centralized location, its beautiful trees and shrubbery, its comfortable neighborhood feel. It will continue, for years to come, to be one of Savannah's most sought after areas to live. Ardsley Park was Savannah's first subdivision, with planning start...
According to Encarta Dictionary:1. continuationfurther action or investigation or a subsequent event that results from and is intended to supplement something done before______________________________I'm here this morning to do a little preaching on follow-up. Can I get an AMEN!It is very difficu...
Having gone through several ups and downs, not just in the real estate market, but economic ups and downs in general, I have learned a few important lessons.When you draw a straight line of progress from point A to point Z you usually have to mark through the ups and downs. However, the ups and d...

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