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Check this space often for updates on the Palos Verdes market as well as interesting historical information on PV from a firsthand witness (me).
There are a lot of good things that have come out of the way the internet has developed, but I see one rather negative one which I don't see discussed: Internet Truth #1:  The internet makes too much information available too easily to too many people without sufficient background or knowledge to...
I could write a book, but here's what's pertinent to real estate at the moment:  we've all heard the constant reports in the media that the "median price" of real estate is down 36% or some other dire number, right?  You might think that prices are headed south faster than Lee after Gettysburg, b...
This is my periodic newsletter to my mailing list. This is January, 2009's: I tried to write this as an explanation of why we're in the economic mess we're in, but somewhere on the 6th page I reconsidered.  Suffice to say (and I'm sure you've gotten explanations from all directions), this is the ...
and more websites. Seems like everyone's got one, you can get one for almost nothing, which is what some are worth. On the subject at hand (that would be real estate), there are websites whose ostensible purpose is to give you the value of your house on-line. Neat, huh? The most prominent are Zil...
September 9, 2008 By the time you read this, the crisis with Fannie and Freddie will be at least a few weeks old but, since we taxpayers are now the guarantors of last resort for a whole bunch of questionable loans, it is important to understand the situation. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are two q...
Real Estate and Icebergs There is an awful lot that goes on (or should go on) below the surface in a real estate transaction that makes possible what you see. Here's an example: When your house sells, the buyer will hire an inspector (or two) to look at the property. A good listing agent should a...
Why are the streets between Via La Selva and Hollywood Riviera blocked off? Well, they used to go thru, and here's the story: As I assume everyone knows, Hollywood Riviera was administered by the Palos Verdes Homes Association until 1939, when PVE incorporated and cut the Riviera loose. That's wh...
As a PV resident since 1947, I've seen a lot of stuff and can tell you the history behind Palos Verdes generally from a first-hand perspective. Here's one: Did you know that there was once a prison roughly where Long's Drugs is now in the Peninsula Center? It was an "Honor Farm" (minimum security...
Do you ever get tired of every agent claiming to be #1?  When you're selling your house, you want an agent to whom the sale is as big a deal as it is to you.  After all, your concern is quality of service, not quantity of sales -- why do you care that an agent sold 30 other homes that year?  When...

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