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To serve a new wave of computer savvy real estate investors, an Arizona company, called Smart Arizona Foreclosures, has set up a website reminiscent of eBay, which offers online bidding for qualified cash buyers.  Now you can bid on bank owned residential properties without even leaving your home...
Real Estate prices are up for single family homes in the Phoenix Valley but you could have missed it if you hadn't read the end of two articles buried on page D-2 of the Wednesday and Thursday editions of the Arizona Republic. As I have been saying for some time now, prices bottomed out in March ...
Clients often ask me which home renovations, remodels and improvements will add the most value to their home when it comes time to sell. More accurately, the question is: which projects will provide the best return on investment (ROI). I have opinions, of course. But now I have some facts to back...
Last week I attended the Arizona 2010 Real Estate and Business Forecast. Elliot Pollack, Valley economist who has been providing Economic Forecasts for more than 25 years, presented valuable information for homeowners, buyers, sellers, and renters. There was also a panel of real estate experts fr...
More of the same...  this will be the third month that numbers have remained stable with regard to supply, demand and inventory. If you don't remember or didn't catch my August blog, please scroll down and read "By the Numbers" in the August Tempe Real Estate Market Update. Home prices are up for...
            Arizona homeowners can easily save money and increase the real estate market value of their residencies by simply sealing air leaks commonly found in many areas around the home.  Sealing air leaks is one of the least costly (and least complicated) ways to begin or continue the process...
Perhaps the most significant stroke of President Obama's pen up to this point actually took place during his first month in office - on February 17 of this year - when he signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into law.  The federal tax credit of up to $8,000.00 for first-time ...
Where have all the real estate deals gone? There have been a couple of dramatic changes in the Phoenix real estate market in the last few weeks.  First, the inventory in the Baseline corridor has disappeared. The number of available real estate deals in the corridor has dropped from approximately...
For those of you still trying to sell a home, there may be an option you haven't considered: going green. Making your home green can make it more marketable, as well as environmentally-friendly. Green homes are in demand - according to Realty Times, the National Association of Home Builders (NAH...
The real estate market is continuing to show signs of improvement after a consistent two-month drop in the absorption rate. The absorption rate is the ratio between active and solds: the time it would take at the current rate of sale for the inventory to be completely sold. For example, if there ...

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