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Fabulous Fri evening, GDP came in much higher than expectations 5.7%. Consumer confidence was higher also. The market was expected to sell off with such positive news. W-St was very wary of the past two weeks reports. Market emotion was could 2010 maintain the growth seen last two quarters? Quick...
Terrific Thursday to all, Moring news: Durable goods showed a slight increase .03 but lower than expectations of 2.1 Continuing jobless claims slightly higher than expected, same with initial jobless claims. We are at the bottom of our trading range, be very careful! GDP released tomorrow will sh...
The FED will evaluate the markets but is continuing to wind down MBS purchases. The FED will hold rates 0-1/4%. The FNMA 4.5% bond coupon has fallen below 100 day moving average and moving down. 10 yr Treasury looks like a Gravestone Doji  now which could be calling the top the market.  Two days ...
Wonderful Weds Morning to all, Nice morning rally...........but be extremely careful! The FED announcement later today can quickly shift the markets! New home sales down 7.6% (a 9 month low) Global concerns with down grading China and Japan ratings from Standard & Poor! Today's market snapshot Ha...
Terrific Tuesday to all, MBS opened with a jump up this morning. Driving the market is concerns with Japan, UK and China. Home prices dropped for the 1st time in 7 months. W-ST has concerns if the expected earnings for 2010 can actually be delivered. Float carefully as W-ST will be trying to reco...
Magnificent Monday morning to all. This morning we opened lower than Friday's close, however existing home sales were down 16.7% float carefully into the afternoon. Wall St is attempting to rally after last week's  Weds-Fri sell off. Today's market snapshot. Have a great day!                     ...
Fabulous Friday to all, Bias to lock Wall St trying to recover from yesterdays sell off and better earnings reported today. Today's Market Snapshot Have a great weekend!
Terrific Thursday to all, Strong rally today, Philly FED manufacturing, continued jobless claims and fears of China helping our rally. However be careful we are breaching resistance levels if we can close above them that would be great! Today's snapshot Have a great day!
Wonderful Weds Morning to all, Strong morning opening fueled by the core rate of inflation being flat, and loan losses with banks. Housing starts were down but building permits were up. The FED will  be speaking this afternoon that we need to watch. FHA new guidelines are also due out today! This...
Thundering Tuesday to all, No earth shaking economic news today. CITI reported big losses.......other Banks 4th quarter reports are due out this week.  I would be running to bonds ahead of the other financial institutions reports..........BONDS= Safety! I would carefully float today... let's see ...

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My blog has daily updates with MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) as this combined with current economic news is what drives interest rates. Good economic news usually is bad for bonds = higher interest rates Bad economic news is normally good for bonds= lower interest rates The bond market and stock market are both active while the markets are open. Investors are either investing in Wall St or running to the safety of bonds depending on market emotion, and current economic news. Economic news that affects both Wall St and MBS (bonds) are jobs reports, manufacturing data, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), housing starts, corporate earnings/ outlook, and inflation to name a few. The higher bonds are = the lower interest rates are. Interest Rates are not included in morning updates due to the factors that affect interest rates, credit scores, location, type of property, loan to value, loan amount, ect. My blog also features changes coming to the Real Estate Market, lending guideline changes, and tips to help address current Real Estate issues. Videos are either hosted via You Tube or at Mortgage Coach’s Utipu account. Let’s make a difference in our world! I hope you enjoy!