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Helpful information for those moving to Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
Let's Go Hunting... And Then Sell Your HomeCourtesy of Executive Homes So you're thinking about selling your home in Highlands Ranch, and you love to hunt pheasant? Perfect!  I'd like to invite you to a private pheasant hunt at my hunting club to discuss listing your home. I like in...
HIGHLANDS RANCH CHRISTMAS EVENTScourtesy of Moving To Highlands Whether you are considering a move to Highlands Ranch or currently a resident of our great community, you'll want to mark your calendar for these "don't miss" Highlands Ranch Christmas events (or as some may prefer: Highlan...
Highlands Ranch WeatherCourtesy of Moving To Highlands Everyone always wants to know about the weather.  Highlands Ranch weather is quite unique.  Located at 5700 feet and nestled close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, you really get all seasons in Highlands Ranch without the e...
Nursing Home Facilities in Highlands RanchCourtesy of Moving To Highlands Caring for the elderly is a big topic to try and cover in a blog so today we are going to simply stick with nursing home facilities in Highlands Ranch. The differences between Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, long...
Highlands Ranch OktoberfestCourtesy of Moving To Highlands Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest took place this past weekend. Turnout was great!  The event took place at Town Center and contrary to popular belief about a beer festival, Highlands Ranch has done a fantastic job turning this into a...
Highlands Ranch Real Estate AgentCourtesy of Moving To Highlands How do you find a good Highlands Ranch real estate agent?  Congratulations, you just found one!  That was easy.  In all seriousness, finding a Highlands Ranch real estate agent isn't too hard.  However, what makes a good a...
Homes for Sale Near the New Schwab Campus in Lone TreeCourtesy of Executive Homes Right next door to Highlands Ranch, the City of Lone Tree is expecting quite a boost from the new Charles Schwab campus opening in 2014.  Many people will be searching homes for sale near the new Schwa...
  July Highlands Ranch Housing StatisticsCourtesy of RECENT TRENDS Very little has changed based on the July Highlands Ranch housing statistics: high demand but very low supply.  It is still a seller's market! I met with three prospective sellers this month in Highlands...
About Highlands Ranch: A Resident's Perspective   One of the best resources online if you want comprehensive information about Highlands Ranch is the Highlands Ranch Community Association website, HRCA Online.  Like any good organization which is the face to the public, it makes living in Highlan...
Security At Douglas County Schools   HISTORY Given the history of the Columbine and Aurora mass shootings in Colorado, improved security at Douglas County schools is a hot-button topic. Since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, this topic was pushed to the front of the school board agenda.  For a...

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