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Helpful information for those moving to Highlands Ranch, Colorado.



Shopping in Highlands Ranch  When we were looking at moving to Colorado, I wanted to know how rural the towns were around Denver.  Are we talking po-dunk cow towns where it's a quarter mile to the next house and there is one main street... called Main Street? Or are we talking population 400,000 ...
About Highlands Ranch: A Resident's Perspective   One of the best resources online if you want comprehensive information about Highlands Ranch is the Highlands Ranch Community Association website, HRCA Online.  Like any good organization which is the face to the public, it makes living in Highlan...
Security At Douglas County Schools   HISTORY Given the history of the Columbine and Aurora mass shootings in Colorado, improved security at Douglas County schools is a hot-button topic. Since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, this topic was pushed to the front of the school board agenda.  For a...
What Is A Relocation Loan? The Need  There are some big companies here in Highlands Ranch that are constantly bringing in new employees from around the world.  One of the pains of relocation is what I call "moving twice".  First, you move as a renter or short-term hotel tenant.  Then you actually...
Visiting Highlands Ranch  Once you are serious about moving to Highlands Ranch, you will definitely want to plan a visit to scout it out. I'm going to make some travel recommendations based on my personal experience that will be helpful if you are visiting Highlands Ranch.  If you are coming this...
Highlands Ranch Housing Statistics   RECENT TRENDS The Highlands Ranch housing statistics are out for the second quarter of 2013. I'm hearing the same thing from most agents in most areas of the country right now: high demand but very low supply.  There are a lot of people still looking to buy ho...
Do I Need Four Wheel Drive In Highlands Ranch?Courtesy of "Do I need four wheel drive in Highlands Ranch?" This is a popular question from those moving from a non-snow region of the state or country.  If I had to answer "yes" or "no", I would say "no".  Is it a helpful ...
New Homes In Highlands RanchCourtesy of In today's edition of "Moving to Highlands Ranch", I'm going to tell you about all the new homes in Highlands Ranch currently available.  I hope this page saves you lots of time searching and makes browsing new homes in Highlands ...
MOVING TO HIGHLANDS RANCHCountesy of My passion is to help others find what I've found in moving to Highlands Ranch...a fantastic place to raise a family!  Moving to Highlands Ranch was the best decision we've ever made. A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE Like most people, we start...

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A helpful discussion of information for those who are moving or considering a move to Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Through my own personal family experience, I hope to share lots of helpful information that will make the move to Highlands Ranch as smooth as possible.