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If this isn't in the Rip Off Report, it should be. Many consumer groups, realtors and even Washington have noticed this. Many condo and townhouse owners are familiar wirth the resale fees that are charged when you sell the unit. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the sales price. Similar t...
Preforeclosure is what happens before a mortgage company forecloses on a home.  It is the factor that leads a mortgage company to call the note on a loan that they are holding.  The homeowner becomes late with his mortgage payments, and the mortgage company sends out a Notice Of Default.   Even b...
Paying rent is like pouring money down the drain.  But it's true, buying a home can be a hair raising experience.  It can be a roller coaster of emotions....finding the right place....securing the loan....moving in.  And if you're like most of us, your home will be your largest investment.  The e...
Although the delinquency rates for mortgages in Las Vegas fell to 18.18% in the second quarter,  one in five Las Vegas mortgages were more than sixty days delinquent for the  quarter.  Las Vegas was second in the nation, behind Miami.  In the second quarter, Nevada inched ahead of Miami with 15.8...
An overpriced home discourages prospective buyers from making offers because of the difference between asking price and market price.  Most buyers are savy about the market value of a home, especially when working with a Realtor who educates their client to what other properties in the neighborho...
I looking for a reference on United Solutions Of America.  Has anyone done business with them or personally know any of the principals?  They are the seller's mandate for bulk reos.  They also do transactional Funding.  They are located in Florida.
  It is sad, but true, the best advice I have for a buyer when purchasing the home of your dreams is "Buyer Beware.  This is not to say the Seller will be dishonest with you, but there may be things that the seller is unaware of.  Although a seller must disclose potential problems, he cannot do s...
As a rule, most home owners are suffwering in this market and will do what is necessary to help a potential buyer of their home.  However, once in a while you will run into that unscrupulous seller who will try and rip you off.  These are the owners who are in foreclosure that the "Ripoff Report"...
Demographics have a huge impact on the market.  Population growth and population preferences have alot to do with the areas ane types of housing that are popular in todays market.  Years ago people looked for small homes on big tracts of land.  Today as land becomeas more valuable and prices have...
You can't determine all of the risks in buying a home by a title search .  Not all things are a matter of public record.  Just like ordinary insurance, there are things that are covered and things that are not. It covers often strange things that you would think wouldn't be covered in a million y...

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