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We lead bv example I have raised three children and now have grandchildren.  All three children were involved in sports from baseball, football, and Judo.  We set examples for them.  Their coaches set examples for them.  We were not allowed to badger the other team. or talk trash against your opo...
  Go Steelers   Last weekend PTs Pub was packed as we cheered the Steeler's to victory over our fierce rivals the Ba;timore Ravens.  What a game the Ravens put up a battle but, the better team won.   Tomorrow we play the New York Jets for the AFC championship.  We battle for the right to play in...
  Change is calling my name. Around every corner I turned this week change was calling to me like dice calls to a gambler.  Signs that pointed to a big change were every where. I started off the week re-blogging a post about changing, a challenge  to change.  Change with the market or face extinc...
Anthony Geraci  Esq. on the Safe Act There has never been more confusion on interpreting a law than there has been on the Safe Act.  The comments on my blog Can I Sell My Home With Owner Financing And Still Comply with The Safe Act. were not conclusive.  We determined that we should contact an at...
Linda does such an excellent job of staging a home.  Just look at these before and after pictures.  What a difference staging makes in any home.  Staging a home makes it feel more homey to a prospexctivce buyer.  the home that Linda staged was on the market for over 2 months without an offer in s...
Today is profile day                                                                                                                                                                                                           Today I worked on my profile.  I didn't realize it needed help till a frie...
       Women need to be careful part 2 It seems the post I did yesterday  Women Need To Be Careful is a rumor that has been circulating the web for years acording to  One of our members brought it to my attention.  This is so terrible to circulate something that is untrue.  Plea...
Women need to be careful The original post title was to be Women Realtors Be Careful.  I changed it to include all women because this is a danger to all women.  Who wouldn't be taken in by a child crying and holding a sign with an address on it.  The child wants to be taken to the address.  What...
This post brings up something for us to learn.  I feel to wait on the market to return is an endless wait.  If you are not willing to change with the market, you face extinction as the more adaptable Realtor steals your thunder.  I am making big changes because this is my job to be the best Realt...
Take the first step Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"  by Martin Luther King.  How appropriate can you get on this holiday to think of one of his profound quotes.  On this day I need a great motivator and great words to spur me in...

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