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We as Realtors will be running into this situation more and more.  There isn't alot of information on this subject posted, and any information available should be posted to help us with our short sale listings and sales.  In light of Richard's recent post about a short sale he's working on this d...
As you are aware we are in danger of losing a mortgage interest deduction because of the deficit.  If this happens, we are losing a reason for people to stop renting and buy a home.  In this type of market we need all the carrots we can dangle.  Use your voice to tell Washington not to use the tr...
One thing I have learned about the IRS is they change rules at their own whim.  I was audited and this happened to me. If you're a real estate investor and you deduct the mortgage interest and expenses you paid on an investment property, and you are a real estate agent, you can only claim up to 2...
The nation's unemployment climbed fro 9.6 % to 9.8%.  Employers added only 39000 jobs in November, down 172000 from October .  Employers need to create 120000 new jobs a month  just to maintain the current unemployment rate of 9.8%.  All sectors cut jobs last month.  This is the 19th straight mon...
Jennier Prestwich has challenged us to do something productive for our business every day during December for 31 days.  I missed day one so I will make it up today. Day 1  Copy Twitter and Linked In databases to MLX database so, they can be emailed along with other clients.  During the copying up...
When in mortgage default the worst thing you can do is do nothing.  You have to do something if you don't want to lose your home.  Wringing your hands won't help.  Panicking won't help.  The only thing that helps is if you are proactive and take it upon yourself to do something. Don't think it wi...
There's an old saying that goes "The ones that can, do, and the ones that can't teach.  There are many investors that do invest, and they do it profitably.  Their day to day activities are making a living at buying and selling real estate.  Then there are those investors that believe they know it...
To hear people talk Auctions and Trustee Sales are the greatest thing since foreclosures began.  The investment strategy of buying homes at these sales is flawed and there is alot of information that the people are unaware of. There is no opportunity to do a property inspection prior to purchasin...
Investors who are buying properties to fix and flip need to be careful in analyzing properties.  Unfortunately many investors overlook the carrying costs of the transaction.  They often look at just the purchase price and resale price.  They deduct the cost to fix it alright, but they overlook al...
 I am thankful for all of you my family, friends, and clients.   Happy Thanksgiving   (a little Thanksgiving humor...)   TWAS THE NIGHT OF THANKSGIVING, BUT I JUST COULDN'T SLEEP. I TRIED COUNTING BACKWARDS, I TRIED COUNTING SHEEP.    THE LEFTOVERS BECKONED - THE DARK MEAT AND WHITE, BUT I FOUGHT...

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