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Parents looking for a night out, or to do some Christmas shopping without the kids, here's your chance.  You can drop the kids off at the Springs Preserve in their PJs for a night of entertainment Friday Dec 10th between 6-10 P.M.  The cost is $25.00 a child and limited to 120 spots.  Reservation...
Congratulations to the Steelers for winning over the Raiders in Sunday's football game.  The Steeler's won the game 35 to 3.  They completely dominated the game. I just have to sound off at the referees of the game.  Almost every time they played a play, the ref's would throw the flags.  Person f...
I don't know where the saying comes from but when I think of this market I think " This too shall pass".  Forgive me because I don't know who said it ,or for what.  We all agree that this market is most challenging and the majority of us wish it would change. No worries!  Everyone knows this is j...
First of all, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving my family to yours.  Like me, I am sure you have lots to be thankful for. There are many people who will not celebrate Thanksgiving this year, many people who can't afford it, many people don't have a home in which to have a dinne...
Some way it got out on the internet that I was a real estate investor.  That spelled trouble because now I get a zillion emails a day that try to entice me to join this webinar , or buy this software product.  All of them from honest, and true gurus of the real estate investing games.  Who do you...
To get through underwriting lately is a chore.  They tend to nitpick everything.  I am trying to get through underwriting with a foreign national who is putting down 50%.  We are now at 60 days and counting. When we started this application, my buyers qualified.  We are into final underwriting an...
The Safe Act was enacted Oct 1, 2010.  Many people think it put the kabosh on owner financing.  There have been more rumors, false info and confusion surrounding owner financing since it's inception.  Owner financing is alive and thriving inspite of the Safe Act if you know the rules. First of al...
The Robo Signing is just another problem, and the administration has passed it off as just that.  Instead of going all out and putting a moratorium on foreclosures, the government is giving the banks the time to sort out this problem within the guidelines of the law. This is definetly a change in...
The foreclosure moratorium was not long enough to help this market.  It was just long enough to attract attention. The banks will not release the shadow inventory because they are afraid to completely destroy the real estate market.  However, in my opinion a long term moritorium would be perfect....
Today's agent needs all the tools they can get.  I am not tech savvy and I know I need help.  Herwe it is again in case you have missed it. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I didn't kow until today that Google has a site dedicated to Real Estate Agents.

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