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When it comes to eating out with our family, our varied tastes lead us toward different choices in local restaurants. Buffet style dining is not usually my first choice, although I’ve experienced some amazing buffets in my time, like those on cruise ships, one on the American River in Sacramento ...
Nestor and Katerina - THANK you for taking the time to sort through HAFA guidelines and for outlining them for us here. I look forward to your future posts on HAFA.Let's Get To The Truth About HAFA- The New Short Sale Guidelines Active Rain and the internet has seen a surge in posts and articles ...
Many people hear about the extraordinarily low interest rates available on home loans today. At the same time, they hear about the backlog of bank owned foreclosure homes depressing home values. Not a good combination if you want to refinance your home, but there ARE alternatives available even i...
Although some homeowners looking to refinance or sell right now may not like what the volume of distress sale property sales are doing to local real estate values, Investors purchasing homes that run a positive cash flow probably aren’t complaining very much. Here in the Rogue Valley, up until th...
This week, I’m locking in interest rates lower than I’ve ever seen before, lower than I’ve even gotten for my own personal home loans on a wholesale basis. I really did not expect to see 15 year conforming fixed rates back at the 4.25% I locked my own interest rate at several years ago. It’s exci...
What an amazing deal for a first time home buyer in Ashland Oregon who thinks they can never afford to do anything but rent in Ashland! The monthly payment probably works out to be less than most Ashland rents, and this area is eligible for no money down USDA home loans! Chris and Kim Knox | Land...
  This is a worthy program we've participated in before. It's that time again! Thanks for the prompt and the great info, Katerina & Nestor!   Thanks to Xerox sending out a Thank You card to our soldiers is simple, fast and free.    At this time of the year we can take some time out to teach our c...
With all the rapid changes we’re seeing in the mortgage industry, those that have been instituted and many coming down the pipe, I haven’t heard anything about the tax deduction for Mortgage Insurance Premium that expires 12/31/2010.  Right now, eligible taxpayers may deduct their eligible mortga...
  Like "location, location, location", "timing can be everything" is part of the equation when a buyer is determining the "right time to buy".  Is it the right time to buy - FOR YOU? Thanks for posting some great points in the decision making process, Pacita!   Is it a good time to buy and sell r...
From the roses in full bloom to the winter berries... from the still turning autumn leaves to the bare branches of winter. There is no doubt that fall has arrived here in Southern Oregon. And Winter isn't far behind...   See you out there...even if I am all bundled up!  

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Loving the challenge of a career in mortgage|real estate since 1983, keeping up with the progression of changes in this industry keeps one on their toes. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? Here's to a few more decades of strength building!