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Ouch, Mike! Sometimes the truth hurts, but I'm glad you are letting it be seen.A picture graph is worth 1,000 pages of congressional lawmaking. The chart on the left was compiled by Bloomberg, and shows the budget surplus / deficit as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product. I came across this cha...
The road to homeownership is different for each buyer. For some, it may be a walk in the park filled with wonder and beautiful sights along the way – a quick, uneventful, on-time closing. An experience, learning about the various species found, or re-visiting a favored path– learning about loan p...
After a series of winter-like storms rolling through our corner of the world, the latest in a stream of “hidden costs” associated with the purchase of bank owned foreclosure sale transactions came to my attention. Working with a lot of first time buyers who often work very hard to come up with th...
Here in Southern Oregon, super jumbo mortgages are not commonly seen. I found this an interesting read, getting a glimpse in to the motivation these homeowners had in taking out their multi-million dollar mortgages. Used to see this a lot more in my Southern California days...In recent years, mil...
This is some great information put together by Debi Boucher, Woodland Park photographer about the differences between a cold and H1N1. Great info!    Cold vs. H1N1 - Know the Difference! I heard on the news the other day that the seasonal flu hasn't really even hit yet - That means, according to ...
I’m thanking God it is Friday. This week has so drained my energy. I’m looking forward to it being revitalized by family, friends and church this weekend. I will not be taking any business related calls this weekend, because I desperately need to recharge. Have you ever felt like that?   A “funny...
We're seeing a lot of accepted offers way over the listed price on bank owned foreclosure homes in our local markets, too. I haven't seen any low appraisals, although we've been seeing lots of repairs called out. Lisa brings to light an issue I hadn't considered. Thanks for the food for thought, ...
Gary Woltal has highlighted the new Good Faith Estimate and its 2010 proposed changes very well. Hopefully, this will be the final form that is eventually released in January, as many revisions have taken place. Thanks, Gary!Come January 1st, 2010, as a REALTOR or a consumer at the closing table ...
2008 and 2009 have been phenomenal funding times for FHA loan financing for buyers purchasing real estate. This is because FHA guidelines are broader, making this financing tool more suited to today’s homebuyers’ needs. FHA guidelines allow the buyer to receive gift funds for their down payment/c...

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