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Today I recieved a counter offer from AHMSI on one of my short sale listings that we have been working on since 2001...(well, not quite 2001, it just feels that way)... Along with a "notice of Sale " being filed...go figure. Ok, not so unusual, but what I am trying to figure out is the following....
It's beautiful here in in San Diego where I am attending the business meetings for our state association. This year I serve as the Region 19 chair, one of the remaining duties left over from being the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS president in 2009. I fully enjoy participating in the...
So if you went back to work on January 3rd, then this is week 2 of the new year and I'm asking YOU, how is the new year going? In an earlier post this year, I went through all the usual items that each of us takes care of to start the new year, goals, plans, set up accountabilities etc. and NOW, ...
2011 is here!!!! BUSINESS PLAN COMPlETED.......CHECK! 2011 BUDGET COMPLETED ........CHECK! PRODUCTION GOALS POSTED......CHECK! MY BIG WHY POSTED.........CHECK! SO, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS YEAR AND EVERY YEAR BEFORE THIS? In years past, I have met my goals, exceeded them and more, usua...
Why??? Why are they thinking about or even suggesting messing with the mortgage interest deduction (MID)??? Don't they know that Home Ownership Matters to all parts of our country? That just the mere thought of revising or removing this benefit of home ownership is sending huge ripples through th...
So, what am I doing wrong? Every now and then I get an email from the Rain, letting me know that I have a referral alert match. I'm thinking cool, a little help from the Rain!! So, I follow the instructions, I do not call if they do not want me to, I email back "I am here and waiting to help!" al...
San Jose Short Sales may have been inpacted by the "time out" called by some of the big lenders and services recently. The help comes in the form of additional time for those who are looking to AVOID FORECLOSURE and have not taken the steps to accomplish that goal. The appearance that this will a...
Last week I wrote about mortgage portability, and thought wow Quincy what a great idea, let's throw this out to the rest of the "in crowd" on social media and see what bubbles up. Well, I got nothing! Not one comment, one reply, one suggestion , not even one "what were you thinking?". So, am I th...
Last year interest rates were falling, and all of us were celebrating!!! Woo Hoo!!! Buyers can lower the cost of homeownership, with the lower prices in most market places, low, low interest rates, wow, the time is now!!! And, we all agree. Now the interest rates have fallen even lower, and the F...
I fully appreciate the efficiencies offered by technology, and the speed of which we can communicate is awesome!! Why is it then, that the agents who require you to email them for property info take so darn long to reply? I'm sure that they are all so busy that answering the phone gets in the way...

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