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  The Realtor Party urged a Call for Action last year asking the Congress to delay changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). I ignored it because I thought it is another politicized issue that I could care less.    Why? Because although I list lakefront properties, the owners are no...
I hope you, yes you, will read this tomorrow morning. However, if you read it tonight, sleep with a positive thought, tuck it in close to you--- and open your eyes to a bright morning sunshine darting through the windows. Floyd Wickham, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, said that a posi...
It is flu season and no matter how cautious we are, the virus has a sneaky way of invading our system. Oh, I was not spared by this microorganism. Even the 3 dogs were sneezing intermittently. It was like a chorus of cold and flu victims. Being sick is not an excuse to feel down completely. I may...
East Hartford is home to big companies such as Pratt and Whitney. Aside from the employment opportunities Pratt and Whitney provides, it also contributes to the socio-economic development of the town and the State of Connecticut. Recently, P&W donated $125,000 to Goodwin College to help the colle...
  Your touch is like white soft linen On your lips, dew drops glisten You smile with nature’s caress You have to, just like the rest   Despite the charm and grace in splendor   Are five stakes of burden   At the heart they sit in silence         Only you can feel the pain photo courtesy of Linda...
Why do weathermen or reporters describe freezing temperature "FRIGID."  Frigid is defined by Webster as: without warmth of feeling; without ardor or enthusiasm; lacking passion, sympathy or sensitivity.   Within the context of the definitions, frigid weather has a negative connotation.    While o...
If the kitchen is where the heart is, the soul and integrity of the home is in the basement. The basement walls typically form the foundation. Usually, all the mechanical and electrical system which feed the house to make it functional and livable are stored in the basement.   Most homebuyers loo...
  Denmark is the happiest country in the world. Despite its huge debt, Danes are living their lives while the rest of the world is buried with worries, angst and anxities.  “They have the highest level of private debt in the world... but they’re very good at putting their hands over their ears an...
It is frigid cold and the temperature is unforgiving. Roy Kelley had posted this blog as a reminder to dog and cat owners. Please do heed the advice as our pets are our family. Cold Weather Animal Care   Montgomery County, Maryland expects to have 6-10 inches of snow today and the temperatures wi...
Phishing expedition is going wide, wild and bolder. If you are using Windows, most likely, you have already gotten a few bites in your gmail account, twitter, google + and in your other email accounts.    There is a way to track down your twitter phisher. However, you can only try this if you are...

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