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As I have told my children, the rewards in real estate business is limitless if you do it right. I just received this testimonial a few moments ago and this will surely make my day even brighter, vibrant and full of hope.       Maria Makes it Happen!! We tried selling our home previously with ano...
Gabe Sanders may not be Maverick of Top Gun who would not be fazed by a MiG 28 doing a 4g negative dive. Okay, this scene was only taken from the movie. But Gabe Sanders could probably relate to what I am talking about.   Gabe spent almost three decades of his lifetime flying. Yes, he was a pilo...
"Third Time's a Charm," Carla simply but light heartedly uttered because we did not connect after two attempts since Saturday.   Why I chose Carla to Sing in the Rain with? In this community, Carla is the only one I know who represents buyers solely. One hundred percent of her time in this busine...
When my daughter who lives in New York visited for the Holidays, I was surprised to learn that she already took the real estate class and was just finding time to review for the NYC Real Estate State Exams.   Then my son also affirmed his intention to pursue a career in real estate.   My brows fu...
It was a "rain or shine" visit to my previous clients place yesterday. We had planned to get together a couple of times but postponements became inevitable.   Therefore, despite the freezing rain, it was a must-trip for me and it was all worth it.   My sellers/buyers closed on their homes on Octo...
Oh how I wish I have retained the Spanish language I learned during my college days. Spanish course formed part of our curriculum due to our heritage.   And because of that heritage, most Filipinos' first or last names or both are rooted from the Spaniards who conquered Philippines for three hund...
I attempted to bury this topic many times especially after reading Kathy Streib's Be the Better You. Would this writing make me the better person at the expense of another person?    But this is a contraindication of Kathy's wish for 2015. Being the Better You is not comparing one's self to anoth...
Affordable Homes for First-Time Home Buyers With mortgage interest rates still at its lowest--4 - 4.5 percent--- and homes listed under $200,000, first-time home buyers should be acting soon before this favorable housing climate changes.   See data below for Homes between the Price Range of $100,...
We are having below zero temperature in Connecticut. Not only do we have to worry about getting ourselves warm enough against the blistering cold but we also have to be concerned about freezing pipes. Roy Kelley has excellent pointers to avoid this disaster. Read on. Precautions To Prevent Water ...
My first-time buyers who closed in December 2014 texted me on Christmas Day for two things: to greet me a Happy Holiday and to have me talk to someone who was visiting.   That someone insisted that I speak with him while I was having a festive day with the family. Because his pleading was convinc...

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