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I live in a home that was originally built in the 1880s (but has been remodeled/ updated over time).  I knew that we had high energy bills - how high they were comparatively - I didn't know.  But, I saw a promotion for getting a home energy use audit through Xcel Energy and decided that we should...
The blog was originally posted by Mike Carlier, an agent right here in the Twin Cities.  Very valuable information for Buyers (and, if you are a seller -- there's a bit of seller-beware here, too!)When counseling buyers, we discuss what is important to them in finding a new home.  We also discuss...
While out on a drive one evening, along the backroads of Washington County, we saw a sign for the Dale Road Off Leash Dog Park.  This was certainly off the beaten path.  We noticed it along 50th St., just west of Manning.  That's where 50th is a gravel road.  We had never been to an off-leash dog...
After a lot of looking around and investigating, and reading reviews, I chose the new Motorola Cliq with Motoblur. I was looking at the myTouch originally, but I really liked the idea of an actual keypad, rather than the touch-screen pad (like the iPhone has).  I have been with Tmobile for what s...
Hi.  DeeDee here - I'm Craig's wife.  He's the Realtor, I'm the "His Girl Friday" type.  I'm out to find a solution to my double entering/ overpaying options that I have been using.  When you all get a buyer prospect, who say, wants to consider homes within 3-6 months, in a certain zip code, with...
I fee a bit like the caped cruisader this week.  Its the busiest week we've had in our office since last summer - buyers, sellers, CMA requests, etc.  Its refreshing to be pulled in 900 directions at once.    What's the cause?  Well, I have my guess -- thankfully, the media lately has had somethi...
2007 is finished.  Done.  Gone.  Here's what happened in 2007 in Cottage Grove, MN real estate:390 Residential Properties were sold and closed.The minimum sold price was $114,500, and had 1 bedroom and 1 bath.The maximum sold price was $974,900, with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.The AVERAGE SOLD PR...
Last night was the annual Appreciation Dinner for the members of the Lower St. Croix Valley Fire Department.  I've been with the department for almost 7 years now.  Every one of our firefighters is trained as an EMT before they can take the firefighter courses.  We have some members who are EMT o...
The Minnesota Association of Realtors (MAR) completed a report for the 3rd Quarter of 2007.  It is available online at their website.  Its a VERY interesting report (and quite large - 16MB in size).One section that I found interesting stated that:"Housing prices over the time period beginning in ...
Gas is at more than $90 a barrel.  A gallon of gas is more than $3.00.  The impact of these costs is passed right on to us, the consumers.  Whether you're out driving around to look at houses, or running to the grocery store the gas in your tank costs you money.  But, it costs you more to buy tho...

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