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Fears about staging by realtors.
Too many realtors today ignore small space tips for small budgets!  They shy away from Home Staging because they fear the cost is prohibitive!  Here's where a multi-talented home staging pro can suggest quick and inexpensive updates.  There are a number of small space tips for small budgets that ...
Freddie Mac is now offering Condo Cash for HOA Fees!  Buyers can receive up to $1500 through the new GSE prgram.    This was just announced today. Through Freddie Mac's HomeSteps program Condo buyers can apply for this new incentive.   This is available to properties on the market for 120 days or...
People are puzzled about selling your home in a down market. So many panic.  Realtors and sellers often feel that when selling your home in a down market, the listing price is what determines whether you should hire an expert home stager.  Keep in mind that when selling your home in a down market...
Theatre of the mind is a term often used when writing copy in broadcasting.  Copywriters are taught to help listeners envision what it will be like to own or buy something.  As a former broadcaster professional, creating a thoughtful presentation with the right music, sound effects, and delivery ...
Some of the biggest mistakes DIY stagers make when selling a home can be attributed to their blind emotional attachments.  A seasoned stager can see it, and a realtor may dismiss it.   The mistakes are still there and can cost you. A selling trinity is "Price, Condition and Location", and some of...
During  several  recent shopping trips this month  I discovered expert staging services that can save you money.   In today's budget minded DIY world, too often sellers and realtors don't realize how hiring an expert stager can save you money,.... and help you avoid costly mistakes, when getting ...
Today there is so much confusion when choosing the right paint colors before you sell your home.  One of the biggest mistakes I feel in staging a home is the fact that too often a room is lifeless, or the colors are too bold.  Especially challenging when choosing the right colors before you sell ...
Staging a home in South Chandler makes a difference.  A cliet of mine recently was a bit skeptical about whether services of a stager could help them move a property.  The link to You Tube  http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit?ns=1&video_id=TMqIMY2P_Rw&next=%2Fmy_videos, demonstrates that provid...
When does it make sense to stage?    It seems in Arizona a number of realtors may use it as a last resort,.. when the property doesn't sell.   I find this thinking  very odd.  If staging is suppose to work, why don't more realtors use stagers  to begin with, reducing  the time a property sits on ...
I just found out there are 2 Active Rains??  Does anyone know anything about this??.  I have a beef of sorts with Welcome Wagon and did a search on scams related to them, and found this information about Active Rain on line on "pissed consumer.com" .  Can anyone tell me anything about this?      ...

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