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The HVAC contractor who installed the furnaces and air handling units for this new construction property must have been having a bad day. The first error in the attached picture is quite obvious. The HVAC contractor forgot to finish sealing the ductwork to the side of the air handling unit. The ...
  Monday Morning Motivator     Nothing is more honorable than a Grateful Heart.        - Arthor Unkown     This motivational moment has been brought to you from your friends at Complete Home Inspections, Inc. Questions or comments?  E-mail us at or call us at (615) 66...
Having been an electrical engineer and a licensed electrician in a prior life, I am critical on electrical issues especially when it comes to the safety of my clients. Yesterday, I inspected a new construction property and one that was about 4 years old that did not have an inspection prior to c...
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) devices have been in properties in varying degrees since the early 1970's. Failures in these devices are the number one common electrical issue that I comment on when doing property inspections. Like most items in a home, not too much thought are given to ...
As part of the inspection process, we are required to evaluate and comment on the condition of package units, furnaces and compressor units. Periodically, I come across an older package unit where there is excessive rusting around the exhaust venting for the enclosed built-in furnace. As a rule,...
  Hot water systems must supply water at temperatures hot enough to meet cleaning demands but not so hot as to risk injury to people. Children, the disabled, and the elderly are most susceptible to hot water-related injuries. Currently, the maximum temperature criteria calls for temperatures to ...
Just mention the “M” word during an inspection, and it seems as if all parties involved in the property transaction freak out! I really feel that the whole mold situation has been grossly blown out of proportion. It seems as if all molds are bundled into the same category as the “killer mold” in...
While doing your final walk-through, do you or your clients check the dishwasher?  This is one mechanical device that can cause some homeowners some unexpected grief or expense after the closing at escrow. Having completed over 2500 property inspections over the past 7 years, here are some tips:...
A few times a month, I run across gas water heaters that has been installed either on the floor, or a few inches off the floor. Mechanical codes state that for fuel burring units such as gas and oil, the combustion chamber and ignition source should be a minimum of 18 inches above the floor. Thi...
Well, it seems as if our old buddy Unhandy Andy has been hard at work again - this time as an electrician. After spending months building a work shop out in the back of the house, it seems as if he wanted to find ways to burn it down in a matter of minutes. First of all, let's start with the mai...

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