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    Okay, it is not officially Monday anymore and for some, yesterday was faux Monday. Some believe that life really begins on Tuesday as Monday is a day of rest, chill and defog from the weekend events. [SIGH] {Some folks need to get a life . . . but then, maybe I do!}    Nevertheless, yesterday...
       1 minute and 30 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot of time does it? About the amount of time it takes to heat a stone-cold cup of coffee to the desired temperature. Add them up over a period of 41 days and you have just over 61 minutes. On average, that is how much daylight most of us have g...
     As usual, I do my best to end the week on an attitude of gratitude. When one gets to be my age, I am grateful just to have another day this side of the grass. In all though, it has been a great week. I finished the month just $700 shy of my goals and I am looking forward toward having a bett...
     My 3rd and final person I connected with in “Ringing and Singing Challenge” is none other than Wisconsin’s best real estate agent / home stager - Laura Baker. Laura’s type I personality is one that will quickly light up a room as she is happy, bubbly and quick to laugh. Add in her incredible...
         Every property I inspect is a new adventure - no two are exactly the same. There is a lot to be said especially when inspecting a newly rehabbed properties. No two of them are exactly the same either. Sometimes I wonder if folks bubbles are off or do they just make do?  Who knows? As in ...
     Home inspectors and inspections. As a listing agent, some cringe when they hear that Hank Heavyhand is doing the inspection. Then, there is Nicholas Nitpick, who literally picks a house apart and scares the client half to death and the buyer’s agent too because nothing is right with the prop...
    There is a BOLD Law that states: "Come from contribution”. What is this all about anyway? Some feel that it is adopting a mindset and philosophy to contribute to the lives of others. people.     I feel that as real estate professionals, we get so caught up in the “make a buck” mentality that ...
    Time is one of those commodities we all have in common and that is, every day, we all have been given the same amount of it. Funny thing about time . . .     Some try to make the most of it and others loose track of it.     Some try to save it while others idly watch it pass away.     Some tr...
       There are a lot of days when it does not seem as if I have any problem making comments or even writing posts here on this platform. However, there are days when nothing that other people write seems to tweak my interest. Sadly, my thoughts are scattered to the 4 winds and it may take me we...
     Thankfully, life is constantly changing. There are days when we are on top of the world, and then there are ’Those Days’! When ’Those Days’ come around, the best thing I can do is count my blessings as there are those who would be glad to trade my troubles for theirs . . .      Gosh! On a si...

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