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     There is lot to be said about the age old adage and pictures and what this contractor did to this beautiful new cabinet is a crime. They should be arrested. Nevertheless, in the haste to get the new vanity installed, caution, craftsmanship and quality was thrown to the wind and the resulting...
    Older properties can pose challenges to any home inspector in any area of the country. However; with a little common sense, costly repairs can be avoided especially while sprucing up the property for resale. Far too often, in the haste of slapping up some paint, common sense sometimes takes a...
    Okay, it has been 3 days since the time has jumped forward an hour and there are those who either bitch or embrace. It is what it is and my adding to the negative energy flow by griping about something beyond my control doesn’t help the situation one way or the other. I have already made the ...
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.~ Wayne Dyer    We have heard it time and time again, change is inevitable. Seasons change and we change with the seasons. Sometimes, the seasons we experience are not the physical seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter...
    Every thought we think is creating our future. ~ Louise L Hay    The sun will soon be setting on another glorious and prosperous week. The spring-like temperatures have the hellebores and daffodils in full bloom, the sap is rising in the trees and everywhere I look, the first signs of spring ...
     I know that I have written several articles on the dangers of flexible plastic ducting being used as a source for dryer venting. Although this material has been banned for years for this application, I still run across it from time to time, especially in older properties or where upgrades ha...
        For the past week or so, we have been bathed in above normal temperatures for the middle TN area and it appears as if the trend is going to continue well into next week. Perhaps La Nina has changed the flow of the jet stream and the strong flow is keeping the arctic blasts at bay. Neverth...
    As I get ready to start another day, I realize I have a choice . . . I can live in fear or faith. Sadly, our society creates a constant state of fear in us. The media constantly bombards our minds with heaping spoonfuls of negative thoughts in the form of negative news. Is anything good happe...
    A zillion or so years ago, I used to enjoy watching Max Headroom. This fictional, British artificial intelligence character was first created and aired in Britain in 1984. It ran for a few short seasons here in the States (Spring and Fall of ’87).     Max was known for his wit, stuttering, el...
      I can remember a few years back, the first time I saw one of these numbers and my first thought was, “Kinda cute, but will it get bigger as it gets older?” After reading a review of the vehicle from JD Powers, those who purchase one of these fall into the category of being not too smart. Ov...

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