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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.



  We have talked in a previous article about the most important part of selling any property.  That is the price.   The second most important thing is getting the property in show shape.  This requires that you take a very objective look at your home.  Better yet, invite a trusted friend over, ar...
If you have an American Flag it needs to be on display at your home and/or business.  Be proud to be an American.  As you drive around our neighborhood Prestonwood Forest up here in Northwest Houston you see many American flags and you know that WE are proud to be in America.  Home of the free an...
In the mad rush everyday that we call LIFE we sometimes forget to call up dad and spend some time with him.  Even if you can't get by to see him you really need to give him a call and just let him know that you love him.  If there have been times when you didn't see eye to eye with him and you fe...
This area is a well kept secret.  Nestled in the trees of Northwest Houston, homeowners are under strict restrictions to keep up their property.  The result is a delightfully well landscaped and beautifully maintained area.  For many years Prestonwood Forest has been known for the creative light...
This is just another example of government out of control and most legislators not even reading the bills they are passing.This just sent to my mortgage office. It will harm consumers, mortgage brokers and many real estate broker. We need to STOP THIS GOVERNMENT NONSENSE! Pass this on to every pe...
Many of the subdivisions that we have been active in in Houston and Northwest Houston since 1978 are stable, but not showing any appreciation right now.  We had become used to annual inflation factors of up to 15% over the years.  While things may not be gaining in value, for the most part they ...
OK.  Let's start the week and the summer homebuying season off on the right foot.  That way you'll be a happier person and feel good about yourself.  When you call a Broker or Agent please be considerate of them and they will be considerate to you.  Brokers and Agents are working for a living jus...
  With all the advances in the information highway, it is just a matter of time before most people will not need a Realtor to sell their homes.  We  thought it would be fun to take a practical look at the whole process. The most important thing is to establish a price.  That is absolutely crucial...
Well, if you live in Houston and Northwest Houston you need to give a little thought to the infamous Hurricane season which is now upon us.  Nothing to be afraid of if you do a little thinking and advance planning especially if you live up here in Northwest Houston.  Yes, we got hit last year but...
When the price and terms are agreed upon, the earnest money check and a copy of the purchase agreement are usually taken to a neutral party.  This is often a title company, who researches the title of the property to be sure that there are no liens filed against it that would cloud your ownership...

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