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Info on the Kenosha Real Estate market including local laws, politics, area information, real estate taxes, developments and foreclosures.
Pamper yourself in the seclusion of a quiet neighborhood cul-de-sac.  This charming home has been maintained well by its single owner since it has been built in 2004.  40 year shingles, lots of room, beautiful hickory kitchen and a large walk-in wardrobe are just a few of its "bells & whistles"! ...
   This heart-warming property is quietly secluded on 723 Imperial Drive.  Just taking photos of this house inspires appreciation for the arrangement of rooms and well-utilized square footage.  Take notice of the freely flowing floorplan (now that's a tongue twister!) as you observe the slides in...
Fantastic Property located at 2901 Chatham Street in Racine, WI.  This home is just steps away from the historic Racine Zoo and a few blocks from Lake Michigan.  This spacious tri level home is truly a diamond in the rough. Enjoy a spacious fenced in backyard with an inground pool, entertain your...
  In todays WALL STREET JOURNAL the article Housing Imperils Recovery states that nationally home prices have sunk to 2002 levels "effectively wiping out almost a decade's worth of home equity across the U.S. and imperiling the fragile economic recovery as Americans confront the falling value of ...
The New Normal in the Kenosha Real Estate Market   In 2006 I began selling Kenosha, WI properties as short sales. When I first started listing these homes they “flew off the shelves” faster than the iPad 2 because there was a shortage of good priced properties. That year the average sale price of...
Is Blogging a waste of time?  If you ask Mrs. Nudi (the one I am married to!) the answer would probably be YES! Than again all of our spouses whish we would spend a little less time at the office and a little more time at home.   When I first started selling real estate in Kenosha I had no idea h...
  Gina was kind enough to let me know a post I had RE-BLOGGED was plagarism.   I thank her for that.  Let's face it, passing off other people content as your own is not cool.  Imagine if I came up with an "ORIGINAL" idea for a song and stole some other bands music, recorded it, and passed it off ...
One of the GREAT things about using ACTIVE RAIN is the ability to RE-BLOG well written posts and provide that as a resouce for people that consistently READ YOUR BLOG.   Last week I though I was doing just that, when I read, and RE-BLOGGED a post by MATTHEW DE FEDE from Coldwell Residential Broke...
  When I read this, I realized that many of us are missing the boat on how to leverage SM for our real estate careers.  I will be covering this in my Tuesday afternoon sales meeting. Search for Kenosha Homes Online   FACEBOOK.  TWITTER.  LINKEDIN. BLOGGING..... If you are a living, breathing pers...
Weichert, Realtors® - Precision does more to generate leads for our agents than ANY OTHER real estate company in our market.  From the Weichert Lead Network to our local call center, to our innovative WEB and Direct Mail Strategies we generate an average of 1.8 ADDITIONAL CLOSED TRANSACTIONS per ...

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