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Have you seen the new JIB JAB video yet? It seems to poke fun at the whole process. In my opinion, it's ok to laugh at yourselves... it puts things in perspective. Doesn't really matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.. (as long as it's to the RIGHT - lol) Here is the video... (JI...
After holding a sales meeting in my office recently, I noticed that most of the agents spent the rest of the business hours that day on activities that frankly, are useless. These activities included tidying up desks and work stations, re-organizing pictures on computers, re-designing brochures, ...
It's been just over six months since that fateful day when Northpointe subdivision was one of the communities effected by the the JANUARY 7th tornado's that caught Kenosha, County by surprise.   As a resident of Northpointe, my home was one of the many affected by the storms. While the siren's ra...
A recent post by Richard Smith brought forth thought provoking questions regarding the the validity and ethics of the newest generation of CREDIT REPAIR attorneys. Smith asks when credit repair crosses the line of ethics, and becomes the falsification of a credit report.   I prefer to take anothe...
Are you considering a career in real estate? Weichert, Realtors - Unum Properties will be holding a career seminar on TUESDAY AUGUST 12th 2008 at 6:30 PM at the KENOSHA PUBLIC LIBRARY at 1500 27th Avenue in KENOSHA, WI If you are interested in learning more about a career in REAL ESTATE. Come to ...
Weichert, Realtors® Precision is Kenosha's fastest growing real estate company.   Over the past year we have doubled in agents AND our volume is up over last year in a down market. At a time in the real estate industry when many agents are asking questions, we are providing answers!   Watch our v...
 OK... So here's the scenario...You have a home, or piece of real estate for sale. You KNOW that you want to use a real estate professional to help you with your sale, but you just aren't sure who to call. Being the responsible consumer that you are, you decide to follow Mom's advice and intervie...
I often get the question... Will I have to pay taxes on the amount the bank writes off on my short sale? The answer is NOT a simple one, it depends on the situation. Legislation is currently being proposed that will further simplify the issue, but in the mean time, there are cases where you WILL ...
I recently received the following email:Hi Ralph,I stumbled across your website as I was searching for information on Stealth Sites for Realtors, and Google brought me to you. Then, I started reading your blog, and I think its FANTASTIC!We are a husband and wife team in the Twin Cities, and we ar...
I so desperately needed to know what a grumixameira was when I had to TYPE the entire word in JUST TO POST A COMMENT on ACTIVE RAIN.I STILL want to know who developed this labor intensive approach to posting comments!!I know the "official" reason is to keep bots from putting automated posts on th...

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