Reflections, Observations and Perceptions of the Real Estate Market in Southeastern North Carolina!

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Real estate perceptions and observations of life along the southeastern coast of North Carolina and the mainland. We cover Southport and Wilmington to Jacksonville and Swansboro and everywhere in between!
It is the final HUGE week end for the summer visitors on Topsail Island. Both Kathy and I noted yesterday that the ICWW was sidewallk to sidewalk with boaters. The weather is hot, humid and perfectly suited to a day on the water, lazily making your way to the marina in Surf City, or down to Bluew...
Wow. From the title, this had better be a great post. Today on Topsail Island, our neighborhood of Sunset Harbor had a community work day. I will be completely candid and tell you that my wife, Kathy did not participate in this project. Bugs, perspiration, hauling tree limbs and pulling stumps ou...
First Fay, now Gustav. We are old hands at this storm business after spending so many years on Topsail Island. My wife is fond of saying, "you pay your money and you take your chances, especially if you want to live this close to the ocean." The trade off is the unbelievable sounds of the waves c...
Always good, no matter what your line of work may be, to have a day or so where you are not totally immersed in the business of "doing business." Wednesdays are that day for us, although we work every day, even if it is just catching up on email or making a few calls. The weeks since StarPower, w...
Wow! We know that Florida is experiencing heavy rains as a result of the tropical storm but it is absolutely gorgeous here on the island today. Low humidity and light winds. Spent some time at the local farmer's market this morning and picked up some of the season's first scuppernong grapes. Whil...
Topsail Island is a barrier island just off the coast of North Carolina. The ocean waters here are an unbelievable blue, shocking when you consider that this particular blue is normally seen in the Caribbean waters or in the Keys. It always surprises friends when they view photographs from the be...
We traveled to Orlando by car for the Star Power conference, and arrived on Monday evening, which allowed us a full day on Tuesday to rest, relax and plan. All of our team members were staying in the same hotel, just moments from the site of the event. We decided to make a trip over to Epcot and ...
WOW! For the second year, we continue to be amazed by the amount of information that is shared at the StarPower Conferences. This year, the conference was held in Orlando, and was well attended by some 1500 realtors from all over the U.S. and Canada. We, and members of The Rand Burchfield Real Es...
Our "mothership", Sea Coast Realty has its corporate offices in Wilmington, N.C. Now, our company president prefers that we refer to corporate headquarters by its geographical location, Mayfaire. Mayfaire is the name of the shopping area that is designed, built and functions like a small town wit...
We and members of our team are getting ready to attend the StarPower conference in Orlando, Florida next week. My wife and business partner, Kathy and I attended last year and it changed our business lives forever. We came back from the conference energized and with a new laser-like focus on how ...

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