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Previous Broker/owner serving Lee and surrounding counties in Mississippi. My personal blog efforts are now directed and concentrated on planning for and retirement living abroad. Please visit my website http://retiredinsamar for insights into overseas retirement.
Another local real estate company has picked up a new slogan titled "A Sign of Things to Come".  Although they have been around for over 100 years, their sign is nothing new.  Now, if you want to see a REAL Sign of Things to Come, here it is: It is proclaimed that EXIT Realty is the FASTEST GROWI...
I know that this is not the right venue in which to make my favorite team known, but I don't care! It's been 100 years, and while it may come as no supprise to many, it comes as a fever to many others!  As a life long Cubbie Fan, I am almost at that point where I don't know what I will be rooting...
First I'd like to thank all of you who have called or contacted me about the EXIT Formula (as it is called).  I  appreciate having had the opportunity to discuss and just talk about how EXIT works and how simple it is to succeed in Real Estate with that 3rd income stream.  There are many thousand...
For information purposes, I felt the need to assist the community in the understanding of the Residential Finance Specialist designation "RFS".  ALthough rarely seen amongst REALTORS, The Residential Financing Council for years has been offering instruction to the financing community and also the...
It was during March of 2006 and I was headed to another real estate convention in Las Vegas.  It seemed like our company conventions were always held there.  I think the person at our corporate office who was in charge of site selections had some sort of personal relationship with Vegas.  Could h...
Well, I really don't like the taste of leather soles, but here goes!  After my rant about not getting anything to post to Localism, it populates itself with ME and MY POSTS!  If I were...say 65 years old...I would just give up and retire!  I could then join the ranks and look forward to my buffet...
I've blogged and posted on localism in the past and present and nothing ever shows up on localism for our area.  In fact, I can't even sign up on the localism site.  There is one local REALTOR who is the "Neighbor" and another guy who is from NJ.  Why is he here?  Just don't see what the hype is ...
Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council, or for short REBAC, was founded to to promote those agents who have attained a level of education and expertise that provided agents with a superior skillset in buyer representation.  REBAC was purchased by the National Association of REALTORS in 1996 and member...
I began the ABR journey last December with Adorna Carroll by taking her ABR course.  Very informing and, to those who know Adorna, entertaining.  I finally got around to completing my choosen elective,  "Buyer Representation in New Home Sales," and submitted my proof of the requred number of buye...
I recently picked up a copy of a magazine titled "Greater Tupelo" which is labled as a lifestyle magazine for Northeast Mississippi.  A really nice, quality printed publication printed on a bi-monthly basis.  The May/June edition (2008) is the issue I am commenting on.  An article titled "Luxury ...

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