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We all know that the lending industry is going through major changes.  The Federal government has stepped up and determined that states either have minimum licensing laws or create them for mortgage brokers.  If they don't, the Feds will step in for them.   This is known as the SAFE Mortgage Lice...
Today Celeste WooHoo Sally Cheeseman and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Washington DC well known Realtor® and blogger Patricia Kennedy and her good friend Dick.  We had a wonderful time hanging out at The Shack in Mililani talking stink (story) about other bloggers here on Active Rain.  ...
2009 was a tough year for many real estate agents.  We will soon find out how many stay and how many leave the business. I and many of the area full time professionals seemed to have had a pretty good 2009, considering the challenges we faced with lenders and government tinkering.  Many others ag...
New federal law requires states to have licensing laws for loan originators or they will fall under a HUD back-up system.  Hawaii introduced a new state law to take effect July 2010 (Senate Bill 1218, SD2, Act 32).  It exempts Bank employees but covers almost everyone else.  A nice thought but a ...
Short sales and foreclosures in most cases are still taking forever to be resolved.  Lenders are losing many millions upon millions of dollars in the property value of these assets.  Or are these lenders completely incompetent or do they know something that would appear to defy the normal economi...
In Hawaii we do not see the extreme winter slow down as in parts of the mainland.  The weather is nice year round here.  But even with that said the holiday season usually sees a lull in real estate activity. This year may see the trend bucked a bit.  The last couple of months, inventory in some ...
                                                                      This Mililani sales report covers zip code 96789 which covers both Mililani Mauka and Mililani Area (which includes Mililani Town, Launani Valley and Waipio Acres). Mililani real estate is beginning to pick up again.  We are st...
This may sound like e-mail 101, but I am seeing common mistakes daily. There is a thing called BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).  When sending to a large list, use it.  Unless there is some reason to share the e-mail addresses of everyone on the list to each other.  This is a common mistake that is among ...
Last week I heard multiple news reports about the drop in property values in Hawaii since last year.  The reports stated that we have the biggest drop in value in the nation of all major markets.  According to the reports you would think we were in a freefall compared to the same period last year...
I got an e-mail the other day from my Board of REALTORS®.  As I began to read the message they referenced one of my blog posts.  The immediate thought I had was oh no, did I say something wrong.  I am pretty careful about the usual stuff. I never mention names, just situations. I am careful not t...

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