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This continues to be a very tough subject for many adults who grew up in dysfunctional family environments. Being a kid is a pleasant full time job and while a simple life in its theory, sometimes negative circumstances can make it into something else. I am talking about being abused when growing...
People buy from people first is a marketing rule that makes it rounds and holds. We do look and listen to the face, voice and demeanor of those that are pitching product. We do research to compare and look for articles, blogs, comments and posts so that we get insights to the persons thinking. In...
As we travel through life from one situation to the next, we are reminded of the familiar as well as the unknown which permeate the planet. We seek what we are comfortable with and pursue what is pleasurable avoiding that which takes away or may cause us harm. However, the human being is made up ...
Giving up? What a defeatist word. You surrender? To what? Whom? Why? To reach the point in your life or in any moment where you let this into your psyche and then act on it by agreeing to it is about as close to a near death experience one can have while still alive and not be in a coma. Long bef...
First of all a very Merry Christmas to you now and in the times to come for Christmas is a matter of the heart first & then everything else. It is no accident that New Year's Eve festivities follow but not out of automatic response but for a reason. You see you had a good year & many a Holiday to...
Relating to the public appears to be easy on the surface. What could be easier? You have told & sold your friends, family, neighbors and select people various things over-time and for the most part everything went well and was predictable. Even if it didn't, the stakes were not high enough to cau...
The simple answer (there are a few) is in kindergarten you have a teacher and with congress you don't. There is no one to guide, counsel, nurture, and coach so that each class every day just like a congress session should remain productive, instructive and worthwhile. Can you imagine a class room...
You spend your life as you go. That's the concept and also the true coin of this realm which is to spent freely and completely too.You do that by living-out your asking, seeking and inquiring as it moves you or you beckon it. A few years here, then there and some in the pursuit of love, education...
HE has/does/did help us. The plan of salvation for ones soul through repentance which is the asking and granting of a change of heart and beliefs together with humility powered by faith with large doses of grace and mercy is in place. THANK GOD it is. Now, all we have to do is accept it. I am rem...
NOT EGG NOG but EGG BLOG is correct. I did a post two years ago called GIVE THE GIFT OF AN ACTIVERAIN POST.  Give a blog to that special someone or someplace or to mark an occasion or share an event. Give a blog and explain what that subject matter means to you and why. When one takes the time to...

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