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We don't dwell on the title of the post but it sure makes itself known at the right time i.e. the time of announcement or discovery. Usually this statement is made when someone is surprised of your gain, holding or accomplishment making them ponder and state what their reaction is. If we have rec...
When I was a full-time practicing agent out there in the trenches an opportunity came-up for me to volunteer for my local board. Called Grievance Committee, I was told I would sit on a panel and hear situations involving ethics and agents in real life scenarios. I thought that this could become q...
There is no end to what people think. You can ask anyone about what they think about this or that and they will respond (some better than others) but all will have a say so of some sort. Take this example for instance. I have extensive Real Estate knowledge forged in the fires of the field of exp...
Wherever you are and wherever you go have no doubt that you are under surveillance constantly. This statement of itself is far-fetched and even inconceivable but frighteningly accurate as I will reveal with simplicity the truth of this matter. The American way of life involving freedom, liberty a...
What most people don't know is that another word for patience is love. The word "patience" substitutes nicely wherever the word "love" is used. To get an even better understanding of this reverse the thinking analogy. Impatience is the lack of love in that moment. When your cup of patience has ru...
Just about every-type of marketing or promotion is out there working or not all trying to make contact to sell services or products. All start to sound and look the same after a while making a consumer face some tough choices even to get started with. Why this one instead of that one? Well here i...
A license is a permission granted by an authority to do or perform according to set standards. If we take a licensed situation and compare it to an unlicensed one, what takes place? What thoughts occur and what questions should result when discussing to use a product or service that is licensed v...
I am reminded when I went to find out for myself what college was all about and inquired in my fifties. I found it interesting and also contrary to common sense and everyday practices in regards to living and making a living. In all fairness, it did shed formal light on subjects but only in a fle...
The enemies of the United States of America would love nothing better than to see our Union weaken. They love hearing about our failures, setbacks, and troubles and have learned over-time that they can influence certain outcomes using strategy, opportunity and essentially brain-washing techniques...
Pause and let the post title have its way with you. This subject is very important to every person who is visiting with it right now. It is not limited to any ONE subject but the many. Pick one and jump in to see how well you are doing and how to improve. When you have tweaked that one, proceed t...

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