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We are well-into the age of being available i.e. instant person to person contact and rapid responding. No voice mail, no putting someone on hold or long wait times will be the norm or will be tolerated or increase but instead decrease. We demand the making instant, in the moment, spontaneous sen...
As my first act in office and in charge of the NAR, all non-earned dues will cease and those that stay in affect will be earned as demonstrated by results. This will go into affect one year from the date of my appointment. At that time if I fail to raise the bar, standards & premium first place p...
Those that are looking to purchase a home know by now or should know or have an agent that knows that the buyers must be pre-approved for a loan and a certain amount too. Then, buyers shop within that scope and with confidence explore and investigate all potential opportunities. When a seller or ...
Today we have advantages that just a couple of decades ago did not exist. I am not referring to technology as much as convenience. For instance I remember having to go to the library and either spend lots of time doing essay information, researching projects or looking for interesting subjects to...
I manage a property in a medium size City in California and received a notice from my client (the owner) who received a notice from the City stating the following: The interior and the exterior of the above referenced property is scheduled to be inspected on May 20th 2018 between the hours of 8:0...
I like to read just about anything and manage to gobble-up quite a bit week to week as well as daily too. I remember speaking with a woman who loved to read making a comment that I couldn't appreciate at the time but do now. She said you can only read so much and then you...YOU GET TIREDI am ther...
Here is some living dynamics that you may not want to visit with you for any length of time as they bring less than quality and contentment with their stay brief or other wise. Yet we can take this dysfunction and use it for a contrast and help us to make choices to better ourselves if we so choo...
Everyone can and does do the title of the post. Some do it more than others and some less. The secret is to learn how to wield your think so that it serves and of course does not only the required tasks but also perform what is asked of it. Some people license their thinking becoming experts or p...
We all have a skills bank unique and different but similar in that those abilities can produce whatever is necessary not only for the user and possessor of the "bank" but for others as well. The common use is to lend someone or sell them your talents and gifts for a fee and we have employer/emplo...
The always present subject found in big some big business especially Real Estate is commission or the cost of hiring an agent to handle the transaction to a likely result. If a buyer is on the hunt, they want an agent that excels in that. If it be a seller, an agent who practices just that. Why? ...

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