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To set the mind-set of entering into this post I remind everyone of this subtle often over-looked and rarely-discussed fact of life i.e. none of us have ever been here before. Pause here. Compare this to a place or moment you have been in more than once. You become familiar, confident and life-ed...
Short post to pay homage to patriotic songs that we don't hear too much about. I grew up with these songs as it was required singing in 5th and 6th grade public schools back in the 50/60's. They had a auditorium period and the principal of all people would go to the head of the auditorium and con...
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There i...
First step is to reduce the problem-solving workload so that we can begin the process of sorting then tackling and then eliminating what doesn't work and replacing it with what does. From there an education regarding this subject automatically takes place. When approached and focused upon this be...
I love nature and the animal, plant and insect (not all) kingdoms and the dynamics/aspects of it all. It is a marvel of community and science laced with awe and wonder. It is a living experience of other types of life all intermingled and interacting with each other creating a living harmony of i...
Say the title of the post slowly pausing each word...OH....SAY....CAN YOU SEE? When read with pause it asks a potent question directed to the very foundation of our great country and includes all of our countryman too. A majority of people well-over 200 years ago that I know very little about did...
At first glance of the title you would think this is a posting on Latin or Greek expressions LOL. In fact this is a posting for those pesky not talked about enough invaders consisting of flying insects, gnats and some so small that they move without being detected as they come and go. Some are th...
Reality is the state of anything as it actually exists.  You don't need to add or take-away from reality because it just is. However, people who are dysfunctional cannot resist the temptation to alter their reality and make it a substitute reality for them. Why would someone do that? Very simply ...
Think of a bottle with a cork lost at sea and at the mercy of the currents, wind, sun and weather being taken here and there as the outside forces have their way and then compare it to a same bottle that has a rudder where it can guide itself making its coming and going have direction, destinatio...
We all have a bank of skills that come with us into this world without the asking. While we can all claim in common quite a few of these skills no two are the same when employed because of this simple fact: The people involved are unique and one of a kind making their use of the gift set exclusiv...

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